Charity or NGO work?


Sep 5, 2006
Hello, I will be in B.A. for just over three months and really want to get involved in some work with a charity or NGO. Does anyone know of any good leads into any of these? Thanks, EM
Hello EM,
What is your field of expertise/background? In what areas do you think you could contribute the most/are of your interest? (ie. health, education, admin work, design, press,) do you speak spanish? how many hours would you be looking to devote to volunteering a week? :)
Hi Bairesgirl, Thanks for replying to my message. I am going to be taking Spanish classes for four hours every morning, so only have the afternoons and weekends to really get involved. At the moment my Spanish is very basic, but I am hoping with my intensive Spanish I will advance a fair bit (and hopefully quickly too =)). I have been involved in volunteering and fundraising for charities (not as a profession but on the side) on and off throughout school and still now with things such as Amnesty International, conservation work, AIDS awareness, orphanage construction, etc. I am keen really to get any sort of experience as I am hoping to get into this line of work as a career path...
Hope to hear back from you if you have any ideas. Thanks again!
A good place to start could be , they have over 100 ads for volunteering opportunities in Argentina, many of them part-time. Some were posted a while ago but their search may be ongoing...
Also you have the Clasificados Solidarios of La Nacion where you may be able to locate opportunites....
There are also NGo´s that offer a package whereby you tell them what kind of volunteering you wish to do and more details and they will find what you are looking for (it is a paid service I believe- I have met people from Insight Argentina that offer customized volunteer programmes-)
And of course companies that are offering this services.
Hope it helps and welcome to Argentina.
Thank you very much for that info. I will look into those recommendations and get on the case! And thank you for your welcome too. I cannot wait!
"See, Understand, Uncover and Volunteer"
Our project looks for people who want to explore the other side of a city. For those who want to understand more about social exclusion or to see a different way of living!

Voluntario Global's Mission Statement: We are a Community Based Organisation who creates voluntary work projects. We work on Grassroots development in Shanty Towns that surround the Buenos Aires capital city. Our main objective is to promote lasting changes in the lives of the segregated families.

We have one day programs and long term as well.

Please visit our website at:


Contact Us: [email protected]
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