Cheap/Easy way to get TEFL certified


Jul 21, 2008
I heard its much easier to get a job teaching English if you are TESL/TEFL certified. Does anyone know where/how you can get this certification in Buenos Aires. I have seen few American companies offering this but they are expensive (around US $2000) for about one month program.
I did the one month program last year for about US$1,500. (Inflation's pretty bad, huh?)
The positives with my program were that I had never taught before and by the time I got my certificate, I had taught 8 practice classes. And I had watched some classmates teach as well. (Very helpful.)
Also, the institute sent my resume to ever English speaking institute in town. (Good way to get started.) However, teaching for a language institute has you often times running around town and making as much as nearly half of what you could be making if find your own 1-on-1 students.
I believe there are some internet courses online out of The States that take a weekend and cost US$300-US$400. However, you might have to take some test at a testing center when it's all said and done. Don't know for sure.
Good luck. Being certified gives you license to correct your friends' grammar when you go back home for the holidays. (And they'll LOVE you for it.)
Napoleon, would you recommend the course you took? If so, would you be so kind as to give us the URL or other information for contact?
This was the course I took:
I would recommend it. It was about US$1,500 a year ago. I was in a class of 4 people, but the months before and after mine had 14 people. It's kind of the luck of the draw how big your class is going to be.
Thank you, Napoleon. I've taken an eighty-hour course through Oxford Seminars and both enjoyed and learned from it, but I think additional training could hone my abilities in TESL further.
Found this CELTA course at the International House for $1200. Don't know about the quality but seems a lot of people are doing CELTA. Also, its probably cheaper cuz its targeting people who are already in BsAs versus other large TEFL organizations where people apply to from their home countries.
If someone has experience with International House, it would be helpful if you can comment here.