cheap hotels in BA, any ideas?

Can anyone recommend a cheap hotel in BA? Everything has gone up so much I can not find an inexpensive place to recommend to visitors. The Prince and Guido Palace Hotels (2 stars) cost about $25 dollars about 3 years ago. Now they are around $100 for a single. I need something cheaper. Any ideas?
What about clubs? If, for example, an American were a member of the Army & Navy (Washington, D.C.), he could stay at the Argentine reciprocal, Círculo Militar, for about twenty-five dollars, I think.
If you want cheap, try bed and breakfast. I can recomend Single from $25 or double $45, shared bathroom, but so freindly that I still keep in contact even though I now have my own place. DIY breakfast so you can rise any time, only three rooms though, one double, one single, and one single en suite. Tell Luba Bob sent you.
If not to your taste just search B&B Buenos Aires on Google. Good luck.
Try BA4U apartments. I've rented from them twice, once in April of 2007 for 2 weeks & for the entire month of Nov 2007. I think I paid $40 USD/day for the place in Nov that was huge, nicely appointed & furnished with maid service. Check out their website.
i was in b a last feb and i stayed in alpha hotel on riobamba, it was 125 peso a night ,was the cheapest in i could find. good location..