cheap used guitar?


Apr 16, 2009
Does anyone know of a place where I can get a guitar (new or used) for cheap?
How cheap is "Cheap"? There are pawn shop places where you can get a classical for ~AR$200, maybe less if you really look. And what kind of guitar are you looking for?
I'm also looking for a guitar. Just for strumming, nothing serious, as I can't bring it home with me. Do you know anywhere in particular that I can look?
Hey guys,

I am interested in this as well. Myself and another lad here are also looking to get guitars. For me personally, I am not necessarily looking for a starter pack. I've played a little bit, but I would love to have one that fits in with the type of music that they play here (and get a few lessons etc.). I know that's vague at best, but I'm sure other people also have that overly romanticised image of going home and playing some fancy song and singing in Spanish (what Stewie in Family Guy would probably call being a douche).

Anyway, I plan to have a wander around on Wednesday to see what's available.

If anyone does have any information on shops selling new or second hand stuff I would really appreciate it. Otherwise, I'll let you know what stores we come across on Wednesday.


OK, there are a ton of music stores in a small area. I can't remember for sure, but I think that it is Peron & Uruguay maybe. There is DEFINITELY a "district" and I think that Peron is the street with lots of shops on it (if not, then it is Sarmiento... one more towards Corrientes from Peron). And I think that Uruguay (WRONG) is the other cross street CORRECTION: Talcuhuano (This intersection has music stores on 3 or 4 of the corners.) but they would be in that Talcuhuano to Callao area. (SEE BELOW FOR UPDATE)

I've popped into a guitar shop on Borges right near Plaza Italia to check on used Classical Guitars. It was either Gurruchaga, Borges, or Thames, but it was absolutely just doors away from Plaza Italia (Sante Fe) on the Belgrano side of the street (meaning on the side closer to Juan B. Justo/Belgrano).

There is a Guitarria place on Cordoba right after it splits and the other side becomes Estado de Israel (~3600 Cordoba) where a guy makes classical and/or steel string guitars by hand. This will run you OVER US$1,000, but it's cool to check out and I'm sure he would be helpful if you happened by his shop. (He's on the left side just a few to 7 doors after the gas station as you are traveling away from town on Cordoba.)

There is a place on Corrientes & ~Uruguay where you can take guitar lessons and I would think that that is a music store and/or they would know where to find used stuff.

There's Mercado Libre

And finally, some of the music stores sell low end stuff. Whether it is a music & "discos virgen" music place on Sante Fe near Talcuhuano to a MUSIMUNDO at several of their locations, you can find brand new crapo brands. (I have noticed that there is a "TEXAS" brand that I've never heard of in the States buy that I've seen in a few store fronts.

So that's enough for the two or three of you to start with and then report back so that the others can decide what they want to do.

You're welcome.

So the main street of shops is Sarmiento. Definitely, because I walked down Peron today and here's what I saw:

Intersection of Peron & Talcuhuano is loaded with music stores... Then nothing until Peron 1560. A store called "Ricordi" (or maybe "Merlos"). This store had a AR$145 "LAZER" guitarra criolla. It also seemed to me mostly a "string instrument" store because it also had violins and... strings.

I cut back over to Sarmiento at Rodriguez Peña and then walked towards Callao. Just past the titty bar "PELVIS" (I love that name) with a full length female figure covered like a disco ball... god this place screams "CLASS!!!"...

Anyway, just past PELVIS, there are some big music stores on each side of the street. But in general, Sarmiento is the main street with a big Peron/Talcuhuano intersection and maybe other places along Talcuhuano. And don't forget the straggler at Peron 1560 if a cheap acoustic guitar that's new is what you want.


I picked one up yesterday. I was a little tired and basically grabbed the 1st semi decent one that I saw. It cost 450 pesos, new. I'm sure there's better bargains to be found as there was loads of shops. I'll be sure to return to Pelvis tomorrow. I might catch you there.
Good call on that street Napoleon,

There are loads of shops there to look around.
Prices seemed to vary a fair bit. I got a nice classical one for 650, but they go a fair lower - prob get a starter one for less then 300.

There's a shop on the corner where I heard one of assistants speaking very good English (for anyone who is concerned about their Spanish)