Cheese on the plane?


Aug 10, 2006
Do you think I will be able to go through customs, etc with a 4 kg round cheese? Has anybody brought in or traveled out of the country with anything similar? :D
If it's in your suitcase you are OK.
What kind of cheese?
You are not alowed to import or export dairy products, but I would do it and put it in my suitcase (too warm to carry with you anyway).
If I am not mistaken they are very strickt on bringing in food in the US?
Going to the US you will Ok with hard cheese.. soft cheese NO.... this is from the customs page.....
" Dairy items such as milk, yogurt, and butter are generally admissible, although this is subject to change, depending on disease outbreaks. Eggs may be admissible, although frequent outbreaks of Exotic Newcastles Disease and avian flu make it very likely that they will be denied entry. Hard cured cheese such as parmesan or cheddar are generally admissible, soft cheeses such as soft curd cheese and cheese in water (ricotta, feta, etc.) are not. Brie cheese can be admissible if it does not contain meat" ....... the whole answer is here...

I have taken cheese into the US many times; from ARG,Chile, Italia, etc... The issue is hard vs soft cheese, and also if soft, then is it pastuerized? unpastuerized soft cheese is NOT allowed. If it is soft cheese, then it must have a label that states it has been pasteurized on it. Soft pasteurized cheese is allowed. All hard cheeses are allowed.

I always declare the cheese on my customs form. I usually take in 1/2 round or a full round of cheese. The only place i have been stopped was entry into Chile from ARG with cheese. They have dogs that check the luggage, so the officials opened my bags. Everything was fine as the soft cheese was pasteurized.
Mar del Plata cheese is an OK cheese if you are in Argentina. But bringing it to the US is a little bit like taking coals to Newcastle. I think.
Why on earth would anyone want to take cheese out of Argentina is a mystery to me - don´t they have plastics factories in other parts of the world?
For 6 years my friends and family and myself have shuttled a variety of food products into the counry, including cheese with no problems - it helps to travel with 2 adorable little cherubs as a distraction however - I can loan you mine for an extraordinary extortionate rate.