Chile withdrawal.


Does anyone know where I can get a jar of chile sauce here in BsAs? Preferably Pico de Gallo. You can't ever get some tobasco sauce here in Argentina. I'm having withdrawl pains.
Chile withdrawal symtoms: Extreme paranoia, morbid fear that a Republican will again be elected to the White House.


DonQ, have no fear there is Tabasco here. Go to JUMBO in Palermo. They have it there - always. There is no Pico de Gallo here, no Valentin or anything like that - spicy food is not that common here. If you eat serranos and jalopenos, no luck. My serrano plant just died over the winter time. Tabasco is no chili sauce but would do.
I tried the stuff from Arribenos, chinese stores but not quite having that kick that you want. Try the thin red hot chilis if you can find them fresh.
In Jumbo Palermo they also have the green version of Tabasco. Good luck.