Cinco de May 2008


May 5, 2008
It's a little last minute (9:07pm on Monday the 5th), but is anyone doing anything for Cinco de Mayo tonight? I'm jonesing for some Mexican food, but I woke up from my siesta and I can't find anyone to go eat with me.
The places I've looked up are all in Palermo Viejo:
Xalapa- El Salvador 4800 (corner of Gurruchaga)
Cielito Lindo- El Salvador 4999 (corner of Thames)
Guadalajara de Noche- Gurruchaga 1881 (b/n Nicaragua & Costa Rica)

I came to this site for the same thing, where to find a place that is celebrating Cinco de Mayo. Doesn't seem to be any Mexicans in Arg. But I know there's Mexican restaurants so that's the best bet.Have you found anyone yet to join you? I'll keep my eye on this thread to see if you wriite back.
I'm meeting an Ecuadorian friend at 10:30pm at Xalapa. I'm a pelado (bald guy) and he looks a little Mexican. (Argentines often think he's from California when we are speaking English.) If you show up, it will probably just be the two of us having a drink, wating for a table. We usually speak to each other in English, so we should be easy to spot.
I'm 5'9" and he's ~5'7".
A related question, does anybody know of a good mexican resturant here? I tried one a couple of months ago, it was terrible. My opinion of the food here is that the beef is good and you can can get good pasta in the better (more expensive) resturants but that's about it. Not much variety and the quality drops off dramatically outside of the top resturants.Please somebody reply and prove me wrong.Thanks
Xalapa ended up being "not bad". I had some chicken enchiladas with a red sauce and white cheese on top. The chicken was fairly moist, the sauce actually had some flavor, and I would consider going back. Of course I would bring my Tapatio sauce that I bought in LA as well as my pepper grinder.
POSITIVES: My chicken enchiladas were decent and Mike's beef tacos were filled with beef. They had Corona & Negro Modelo (or was it Bohemia?). Their guacamole has fresh ingredients, but needed some spice. (I'd put some Tapatio & pepper in there and maybe some lime and/or salt & cumen.)
NEGATIVES: If you like spicy food, but don't have spices to bring with you, you could be in trouble. They said that their salsa was "picante"... um, no. It definitely had tomato in it and maybe onions and/or something else. I can't say for sure. What I can tell you is that it (A) Is not cooked like Pace, but (B) Is pureed so much that it is a Pink Sauce with no discernable ingredients. Solamente a pink liquid.
I'm considering trying "Guadalajara de Noche" @ Gurruchaga 1881 next. "Tapatio" is slang for a person from Guadalaja, so there is a possibility that if you let the waiter and/or kitchen know that you are from the States and love REAL Mexican food, they might doctor it up for you.
The problem is that if a restaurant served REAL Mexican food, they would have to rely 100% on extranjeros for business, because locals don't eat spicy foods. Period. In fact, they pretty much stay away from any food with flavor that isn't "carne" or "queso".
Thanks for the info. You are right the Argentines aren't very adventurous in the food department. From what I have seen the average Argentine diet dull, strictly meat and potatoes. Thanks again