Classes de Castellano


Hola todos,

Hope everyone is enjoying this beautiful day in Buenos aires. Got a question for you guys. I have already read through the older posts and on other websites on this subject. I am looking for information from people who have attended or know someone that has attended either the Centro Universitario de idiomas or the Laboratorio de idiomas. Want to start a month long course in enero. Pros, cons. Thanks for the advice,



Hello, i am teaching Spanis one to one, please write to for more info, classes one to one are 30 argentine pesos, evaluation is free of charge,many of my students come from group classes and they find it slow because of the different backgrounds, it is not the same if you are American, Britt or Italian.


Know absolutely nothing about those 2 schools, but I can recommend where I studied: LV Studio in Palermo. They have a pretty good deal on group classes this summer: $290 US for the entire month, 2 hours per day. No clue what the other places charge, but this is a good price as far as I know. Plus the groups are SMALL (2-6 students...and 6 is rare).

Good luck whatever you decide to do, and welcome to Buenos Aires!