Clothes for size 10/12


Jul 15, 2008
Okay, so I'm moving my family to BA, and my primary concern isn't house hunting, school hunting, cultural adjustment, etc. Nope. I'm worried about clothes! I keep hearing all these horror stories about how all women are stick thin and you can't find anything above a size 8 in stores. I'm a 5'8" sturdy Irish lass who wears a US size 10/12. Am I going to have to ship in clothes from outside the country or is there somewhere for me to shop?!!!
Hi, I too am a size 12 and haven't had any trouble finding clothes that fit me here. Just stay away from the teen-oriented stores (which have low quality clothes anyway) and you will be fine. I shop equally on avenida Corrientes, avenida Córdoba, calle Florida, and in Palermo. I'm a size 42 or 44 in pants and generally a large but sometimes a medium in shirts. There are thin people, medium people, and fat people here in BsAs, just like anywhere else in the world, and they all need clothes that fit.
Well the problem isn't so much that there are no clothes to fit people that aren't stick thin, but to actually figure out the sizes, since they don't use one system but pretty much every size system known to man, which means that even if you find the nice dress in size 42 (I'm also of the sturdy northen European build) you don't know if it's meant in french, italian or "common european" size. They also use a system with 1-4 where 1 is the smallest (equal to S), and if you're lucky they carry sizes 3 & 4 as well. A lot of independent designers round Plaza Serrano -and elsewhere- are also big on the 'one-size-fits-all-myth'. The anarchy is in fact so big (a quilombo to speak argentine) that the goverment inforced a law a couple of years ago to make the clothes manufacturers use one coherent system, and that there should be sizes in the upper scale as well. As far as I could see, it hasn't been taken too seriously as of yet...
You just have to use your eye mesure to begin with (and probably discover, as I did, that I was quite optimistic about my size haha) and after a while you get the hang of it and know where you can find clothes you like in your size.