Colonia 90 days almost not extended accidentaly?


Oct 30, 2009
This weekend I went to Colonia on the saturday and came back on the sunday. My last 90 day stamp expires on April 5th. First of all, when I left, after getting the exit stamp, the lady told me to try and get back before the 5th - when my last expires. I thought why would she say that if I have an exit stamp she just gave me, and my last stamp expires in only a few days??

Anyway, on the way back in when I got my new entry stamp, after walking off and checking the new entry stamp, this woman had wrote over the entry stamp April 5th - and not tourist 90 days etc. So went back to the desk and asked, she then scribbled out April 5 and stamped over it with the tourist 90 days.

Wasn't sure if it was normal for them to try and "short change" you entry days even with only a few days remaining on your last visa? That was the first time I had been to colonia before and had previously extended my original entry at migraciones.
that is very odd. New policy??? Anyone else seen or heard anything similar?
'policy'...come on, it is Argentina. You should have learned by now that nothing changes quickly and in an organised way.
maybe they introduced the rule 9 months ago. Who said it's changed quickly...maybe he was the first...there'll be two more next week.
9 un suspiro, you should also know that! And you mention again a 'rule'...please!
I went to Colonia a few weeks ago to get myself stamped again. I still had 2 weeks left of my previous visa and I was going for a full weekend to Montevideo, but at the desk the woman questioned me for around 10 minutes as to what I was doing here, why I wanted to go to Colonia, how I had the money to be here not working for 6 months..etc..then as she flipped through my passport she was saying I didn´t have an Argentine entry stamp, which I did, I pointed that out to her and she was like no we don´t accept that one...I was like WHAT?? You guys gave me that stamp last time...she started to question some other guy...he just shrugged his shoulders and told her to let me go...and this was getting out of the country! She slyly commented as I was walking off "don´t expect to get back in easily"...but i did! I think she just didn´t like me!
so that's two odd stories, and there was another thread around christmas with a few others too. That's not an accident. It could be they've had a memo to at least make serial renewers sweat a bit.

I renewed via colonia only 3 weeks ago and had no problems at all, but we've heard too many tales for it to be a random accident. As usual here, there's no way of actually knowing what's going on...we have to guess and hope.
When you guys renew at Colonia do you always spend the night? I renewed for the first time 3 months ago in Montevideo over a weekend and had no problem, but my boyfriend and his family (all locals) feel that I should spend the night in Colonia as opposed to a same-day exit and entry.

have done the colonia run about 5 times....every time as a same-day trip. Never had any problems, but the incidence of people getting at least spoken to by immigration officials is certainly on the rise.
I went to Colonia about 3 weeks ago... and they did write Colonia by the entry stamp for the first time when I came back..since I have about 12 arg stamps in my passport.....I guess they are just keeping an eye on people like myself .... who are having lunch every 3 months in Colonia!!!