Coming to BsAs


Mar 8, 2009
Hey everyone, we're thinking of heading to BA to check out the opportunities, the city, and everything else it has to offer. From the research that we've done so far, I think we probably want to stay in Palermo, but again, we haven't been there and would be more than happy to take advice. We're thinking of heading there for April and May this go around, and will need to rent a furnished apartment, so if anyone has some recommendations of real-estate/rental services that have been used and are reputable.

Hope to be in your city soon! :)
I used to like Palermo but I'm not such a fan anymore. It has become "too trendy" in my opinion. Although there are still great places and lovely tree lined cobbled streets. Many people here seem to like like Las Canitas, Belgrano and even Colegiales.
I think it depends how long you want to stay.
Palermo is very pretty, and you're right in the thick of it - bars, shops, restaurants all on your doorstep. If you're only going to be here for a few months it might be perfect. For longer term stays it gets tiring living in a barrio full of late night revellers and tourists, but that shouldn't put you off if this is your first trip. Its a perfect base to explore the city from.
Thanks for the info guys, I think we want to be in Palermo for our first exploration, especially since I will have to be working during the days, and my wife will want to be close to coffee shops, and the parks. I have been looking online at a few spots for apartment rentals, but it seems like there is a large disparity in prices. What should we be looking to pay for a reasonably sized 1 bedroom? And are there any reputable sites we can go to and find accommodations? Or is it better to get put up in a hotel for a few days and search around for an apartment there?

Thanks in advance for all your help!
Hi and welcome! You will surely enjoy your time here... Palermo is lovely, I live in Soho. I have been here just over a year and have lived everywhere from Colegiales to Puerto Madero. To answer your questions...

First, you should understand in order to rent as a foreigner, short-term, in Palermo, you will be paying significantly more than the locals or you would in other neighborhoods. For a "reasonably sized" one bedroom (not a studio) I would expect to pay somewhere between $750 and $1200 USD/month. Also, keep in mind, Palermo is a VERY large neighborhood with many subsidararies. You have Palermo, Palermo Chico, Soho, Hollywood, etc. Many places will claim Palermo when in reality they are in Colegiales or the border of Abasto. The following sites should be useful for you; - an interactive map to show you the exact location.

The following sites are a bit more expensive, but worth the price. They charge a nominal service/administration fee (around $40USD) and everything is included from maid service to taxes, city fees, etc.

Good Luck and Happy Hunting!