Como te Van


Hey all,

My name is Eric i have been here in buenos aires for a little over a week now. Started castellano classes already and Im progressing slowing. Im 28 and Will be here for some months. This is my first post however, I thank all of you for i Have been using this site for almost 8 months to gather information. Well now that I am here. Does anyone want meet and have some mate, cervezas, vino, Carne. It would be nice to meet some new people although probably will not help in learning Castellano....

Hasta lluego,



Hey Eric,

I am new to the city and saw that you have responded to my post as well. I begin my teaching course on Monday and desperately want to learn castellano as well. Perhaps we can at least meet up to explore the city and in turn, hopefully meet some locals. I dont have a phone yet but shoot me an email at if you want to meet up!