Considering wintering in BA


Oct 29, 2009
My parents are considering wintering in BA and asked me to help them. I have no clue how to proceed! Does anyone have a good contact person in the area that can help me out with were to live, medical services available, internet & cell phone access, any documenttation they need to get into the country and live there for a few months? Thanks for the help!
Hockey_Nut said:
I would think BA is not the right place for wintering

I believe the OP is referring to his/her parents spending the Northern winter months in BA.

(It's summer here then.)
Yes but it´s a big city, with a humid summer, no beaches(atleast not where you can swimm)

I would think that many places near to BA can provide that. Like Montevideo, Punta del Este, Mar del Plata, Santiago, FLoriapolis or Rio
BA is worth coming to for a few months just because it is BA. Swimming is another matter, and perhaps it's not a priority.

To address the OP's basic questions:

A 90 day tourist visa is automatic upon entry and (still) free.

If your parents are from the US all they need are their passports.

A 90 day extension (easy to get at migraciones) costs $300 pesos per person. A day trip to Uruguay prior to the expiration of the initial "tourist" visa costs a little less and gets an additional 90 well as get's them out on the water.

Traveler's insurance policies (that includes local emergency medical care as well as repatriation to the US) are available through travel agencies and credit card companies.

Temporary apartments (up to six months) usually include internet access. It is possible to buy a cheap pay as you go cell phone here (without a contract). Palermo and Recoleta are the best areas to stay, but be careful: apartments are not always as nice as advertised. Search for appropriate posts in the forum to learn from what others have experienced.
Steve pretty much covered it.
I would suggest they come down for a few weeks first, and see how they like it. They can rent an apartment easily on line, for a week or two, and if its not what was advertised, move.
This is a good way to explore neighborhoods, and get an idea of where you would want to be, and it would enable you to move about in between apartments, to go to the beach or the mountains.
Lots of apartment rental places online, many talked about in other posts here.
Hi Lee,
We live in Toronto. In 2008, we spent January and February in BA and loved it! Last year we added a month and by the time we got home, the worst of winter was over. We love BA and plan to spend January, February and March 2010 enjoying the city again, while the Portenos are out-of-town on their summer holidays. We've written travelogues about our adventures, which your parents might enjoy reading. Check them out on our non-commercial web site: