cool place to hang out


Jun 21, 2007
Hi all! I'm looking for a cool place to hang out in Capital Federal , I live in barrio norte. I'm an 18 years old American male so something that you think someone my age would enjoy. Thanks in advance for any suggestions ! Mike
Have you gone to "647" yet? Do you mean "cool" like people your age or a cafe or what?
There are lots of things to do in Capital Federal. It all depends on your personal tastes. If you want, let me know what you're looking for and I'll gladly give you some advice.
Im thinking cool as in a place people my age hang out. diego- Thanks I would appreciate your advice , I'm looking for a place to meet people my age but at the same time have fun so its not so awkward if you no what I mean.
For most Argentine teens and twenty-something's, life revolves around partying. When I say partying, I mean going to discos and just hanging till the sun rises. A typical night for someone your age would be like this: getting together with your friends at one of their houses, staying there talking and/or drinking till 2 am or later, and then going to some disco and hanging there till 6 am. When they get out of the disco, some people return home while others choose to wander the streets till 9 am... So basically that's what they do. You've been here for some time now so you must know this already. I like to hang like that every now and then... But some do it EVERY weekend, both on Friday and Saturday night!!!
Don't get me wrong. I'm not saying all Argentines do the same things. What I'm trying to say is maybe they give too much importance to clubbing. And teen life could be a little more varied, if you know what I mean...
I've been to the US and Americans have a very different lifestyle. For one, nightlife doesn't start so late. At least from my experience, Americans prefer to go out earlier. Besides, they seem to put more emphasis on other activities, like the outdoors, sporting events, etc, which I think is cool. Am I right?
Wow, this is way off topic :) If you're looking to meet people you can go to discos, pubs and the like. Those places are good to have fun, pull girls and drink. But as I said, it all depends on your preferences and concept of "fun". If what you want is to actually get to know people, I wouldn't recommend discos. Everyone goes there with their OWN friends and may not be interested in making new ones. If you want a list of cool places, just ask.
ok thanks for the info diego well heres the thing i was hanging with some americans and we were looking for clubs and nice bars and I wasn't quite sure where to go theres few places I knew like plaza serrano and the san telmo area but I didnt know specific bars or boliches that were good. so if you can give me a list of what you think are nice bars and clubs that way I could find them it would be very helpful.thanks!