Corona Virus May Hit Argentina Hard

When will Argentina see its first Corona Virus case?

  • This week

    Votes: 5 19.2%
  • This month (January)

    Votes: 1 3.8%
  • After January

    Votes: 14 53.8%
  • Never

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I came across a news item this morning where authorities in Hong Kong think the virus may be transmitted through a building's pipes. I'd guess this bears watching. It might possibly explain the cruise ship situation....or not.
The passengers on the cruise ship were "confined" to their staterooms/cabins most of the time, but the crew was not confined to theirs or isolated from the passengers (some contact was necessary to deliver meals to them). As Styx pointed out in today's update, all it took to further spread the virus in spite of the restrictions on the passengers was one infected crew member...

In another video, the reported number of passengers who have tested positive for the virus on the ship is now over 300.

It is now believed (again) that the virus can be spread by individuals who do not yet have symptoms (which may take three weeks to develop) and the virus may remain active on surfaces for well over a week and the government of China is no longer including people who tested positive but are asymptomatic in the total of infected persons.

Meanwhile, another civilian journalist has disappeared:

Regarding spreading the virus through a building's pipes, it may be spread when an infected person flushes the toilet (especially with the lid up).



A map based on data from flight and cell phone data tracking by Southampton University researchers shows how 60,000 out of some 60,000 people who left Wuhan after the coronavirus outbreak began but before the city was locked down have crisscrossed the globe



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While not ignoring the danger of this disease in any way, remember- every year in the USA, 2000 people die of ordinary flu.
Every year, in the world, 400,000 or so people die of completely avoidable malaria.

This is a serious disease.
and, as we find out more about it, treatment will improve, and statistics will become more science based, and less zombie movie based.

People will die, and get sick, from this, and its terrible.

But my guess is that the danger is waay overhyped right now on the news.
Even the earliest information indicates well over 80% of people infected get better relatively quickly, and thats without really knowledge based treatments.


But my guess is that the danger is waay overhyped right now on the news.
I don't think anyone seriously thinks that this corona virus can exterminate the human race.
What this virus can do though is to cause market crashes and economic downturn.


With some hesitation I enter the fray here on what's now newly named Covid-19. I've been following some medical and information threads in English out to Asia, Thailand in particular since they have quite sophisticated medical services and they're out of China's control on information.
This service is quite good, fact based with answers to hard questions:


It would be interesting to know at what point...
I found this one very difficult to watch:
I think it was about the 2nd or 3rd stroke of the cat and when he adjusted himself in his chair that I decide 'enough'.
Also felt no need to indulge in the sensational Chinese trapped in enforced isolation, the second one.
Having lived in China am well aware of how they handle 'situations'. If you want to bash China, they give ample opportunities.
They're practical and heavy handed in a crisis.
More useful, I think, are factual articles that report on how the sophisticated sciences and medical professionals are defining the crisis, interpreting the information avaialble, gaming solutions and projecting what's ahead.