Correo Argentino


Hey, I just received my first shipment of parts from the good old USA using the new home delivery system in place now.
I used the net to do all the paperwork, and then I paid the custom duties in PAGO FACIL, and then, VOILA!!!!!
After about a week I received the package at my home.
I recommend that if you do not receive a telegram at your home a month after the shipment's date, then contact
CORREO INTERNACIONAL in Retiro, just in case the telegram was lost.


my girlfriend recently tried to use the system. it did not go well.

she was sent food from a former coworker in the USA. it was merely salad dressings, a few bottles. but in the online system there was no option for food, so she was forced to choose "i don't know what it is" which means you automatically go to retiro and wait in line for a few hours. but that was after trying to find an appointment of which none was available for MONTHS. she ended up just showing up to see if she could claim it and she managed to pick it up.

maybe it was because food is not allowed, not sure. but the whole process was not all that great.