cost of living... advice needed!


Jan 30, 2008
Hi, wonder if anyone can give me some advice.

I’m will be moving to Buenos Aries at the beginning of May to learn Spanish. I’m trying to get an idea of roughly how much it will cost me to live per month in the city.
I don’t want to live on the poverty line and scrimp too much, I just would like to live in an area that isn’t too dangerous or miles away from anywhere, either have a small one bed flat to myself or share with others, go out a couple of times a week for a drink/meal, afford a hair cut or go to the gym now and again, nothing outrageous.

Is anyone able to give me a rough idea?

Many thanks.
it will cost more each week you are here. how many weeks will you be here. most argentines i know scrimp and scrimp and deny themselves. they buy low quality. i often check stores like Target, safeway, giant, wallmart, rite aid, back home. they all have the local flyers online. i was just home in oct. its getting more expensive here and theres a lot more pollution and hassles and dishonesty than back home. heck, the govt. tapped my home phone for 4 months. often, i wonder if its worth it.
A haircut by a decent hairdresser will set you back 30 pesos.
A meal (main course and a soda) will cost you about 20-40 pesos(according to your tastes).
If you rent on the short-term market for a one bedroom apartment in a decent neighbourhood and fully furnished will cost you about 600-800USD.

Inflation is about 25% a year...
Hi Angie, the cost of living overall is much less than the US and Europe. I have found the quality of goods very fresh, service in restaurants polite, and if you have the minimum amount of street smarts, you won't find yourself getting ripped off. The cost of rent for a 6 month contract will be less than month to month, and you can probably make a deal for the whole amount up-front that will bring the price down a little more. Because there is a shortage of vacancies (hotels) probably one could say that rents are the most expensive thing here, compared to back home (still less) This is assuming that you have an income in u$s or Euro.From my experience everything is between 1/3-1/5 the cost of the States and Europe...unless you insist on not eating local goods.. Rent for a decent furnished 80m2 apartment in nice neighborhood 500$-800$ 1 kilo of apples 1$, 1l of milk 50 cents, bottle of decent Malbec 3$, Gas/electric/phone/cable for 1 month 60$, lunch menu in nice restaurant 7$, museums (great museums) 1$-2$ etc etc
CB Photo your figures were way wrong. The cost of living that you showed were at least 40 percent out of date. Tell me where that a nice one bedroom apartment only costs between 500 and 800 dollars. I see figures of up to 1200 dollars often. In regards to the costs being much less than United States this is a myth perpetuated by some in the glamour media.
Cars, Electronics , Housing Rental, and a myriad of other products can be dearer than US Cities. Sure some food items are cheap but try buying something other than meat and the most basic of vegetables and your food costs will be sky high,
Restaurants In nice areas are around 30 dollars minimum these days per person. I would hardly call this cheap. Sure lunch specials are around 7 to 10 dollars but when you put this into perspective compared to the wages here its expensive.
Stay here for 2 years and I will guarantee you that your costs will be virtually equal to most countries that we have come from.
I agree with cbphoto, prices are roughly about 1/3 that of the USA. Rent will be your biggest expense.
Hi Ramon, you seem to have a very selective memory about what you read. I did forget to mention cars and electronics... I don't know about cars (don't need one) are right about electronics..nearly double of the States and Europe (they are imports) But to stay on topic (Angie's question) I don't think she plans on coming to Argentina to buy cars and electronics....I believe she said she wants to learn Spanish.Hi Angie,
The last apartment I had was 50m2, penthouse, with a view of the polo fields, internet and all bills paid, with a maid once a week.. (650$ in Las Canitas))
I had to leave BsAs for Europe a few weeks ago, take care of some headaches... I am in Turkey at the moment...1 kilo of apples 5$, pack of smokes 4$, dinner in an decent restaurant 50$ each, with wine 70$ each, my gas bill for the month of January (90m2 apartment) 160$, a bottle of wine (barely drinkable) starts at 15$, from a store. Milk 2$ per liter, Taxi 2.50$ the second you get in, about 1.50$ every km after, etc etc etcTaking all that into account, the minimum wage is 375$ per month (Istanbul)...the rents in this city (Istanbul) are the same if not higher than in BsAs. But please you go ahead and keep complaining about how your life sucks, Ramon) How the whole world is cheaper than Argentina... Sorry Angie, couldn't help myself :p
If you go on line and look up "cost of living by country" or "standards of living by country" to name a few, you might learn something. I have traveled much, and plan to travel much more. I can say from travels, that BsAs is a city of much culture, arts, music etc... in comparison to most European capitals (I have been to most, lived in many)...the standards of living in BsAs blow them out of the water ... On one website (forgot the link at the moment, but sure with an open mind and 5 minutes of your time you can find it, Ramon) Oops did it again :p BsAs is ranked 87th of major European and American cities for the "cost of living"...meaning in case you didn't get it....that 86 cities/countries in Europe and America cost more than lovely BsAs... Ooops :p
I figure with about 1500$ a month you can live like a Queen... and if you study hard, a Queen that speaks Spanish :)
CB Photo
You are one of those boys who flys in for a jet set visit and thinks he knows how we all live here. The survey you pulled out of your a.... must be at least two years out of date.
Hi Ramon, I hear that Buenos Aires has many therapists..... or is a matter of needing a lil' love? Has it been a while? Sending you some love baby :) Big kiss :p
CB Photo you are real funny . You should be in comedy as you are already living in Cuckoo Land