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SNAFU registering for vaccination CABA
19 feb 2021 16:30

The shift system is out of service due to high demand. We are working to solve it as soon as possible. If you need to request an appointment for vaccination, call 147.

If your process can wait, we ask that you try to log in again later. Apologize for the inconvenience


20 February 2021
Coronavirus: the City completed the 40,000 shifts of the first round of vaccination.
Last night the City finished granting the shifts of the first round of vaccination corresponding to adults over 80 years of age. From now on, new dates will be provided to this segment as new doses are received from the Nation.

Yesterday at 2:00 p.m. the campaign began to grant shifts for the first doses destined for the first group of adults over 80, which were granted online and through the call center at line 147. However, the site collapsed due to the amount of users who wanted to enter simultaneously and for 3 hours it was very difficult to make a reservation. According to LA NACION, it was also very complex to communicate with line 147, which with 300 operators had to face thousands of calls seeking to take one of the available shifts.

After the first peak of visits to the website of more than 76,000 requests per minute, the system was regularized, approximately 4 hours later. And in 10 hours the reservations were completed. As reported by the city government, finally at 01:00am the available shifts were assigned in this first round of the vaccination campaign, which will begin to apply the vaccine on Monday, February 22.

Rich One

It was predictable .. 150,000 aged 80 and over trying to get an appointment at the same time. Only 40,000 got turnos so 110, 000 will be waiting for the next opportunity to get the jab..!


So it looks like we just have to give 'em more rope. No need for an opposition.
You really need to read inside the details. What happened wasn't sinister.
The media is going wild rumormongering and exaggeration story mode, Argentina stylee.
Fernandez was wise to cut off his right arm. Most of the heavy lifting that needed Garcia has passed, he probably feels safe. Garcia is honorable and a giant. Unfortunately he's getting the "Woody Allen Treatment" for as long as they can feed on it. Maradona and Menem are still dead, this is the next red meat.


One million doses will arrive in the country in the next few days
The inactivated SARS COV-2 (vero cells) vaccine, developed by the Beijing Institute of Biological Products Laboratory
of the People's Republic of China
It will be the largest shipment of doses that the Government will bring to the country since the start of the vaccination plan.

The Minister of Health, Carla Vizzotti, signed this Sunday
resolution 688/2021 that authorizes the SARS COV-2 vaccine on an emergency basis, developed by Sinopharm in collaboration with the Beijing Institute of Biological Products Laboratory of the People's Republic of China .

What is the Chinese vaccine against covid?
It is an inactivated vaccine, which means that it carries a genetically altered version of the virus that prevents it from reproducing and developing the disease, but which generates an immune response in the body with protective capacity.

The vaccine requires two doses to be administered at least 21 days apart, and can be transported and stored between 2 and 8 degrees and remain stable for 24 months.

Phase I and II clinical trials, published in The Lancet medical journal , demonstrated that this vaccine is safe and effective. The Phase III trials were also carried out in Argentina by the Hospita Foundation in the Vacunar centers, with the participation of 3,000 volunteers.

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