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This week a new container will arrive with Sputnik V doses.
Last Saturday, the presidential adviser Cecilia Nicolini traveled to Russia in order to advance in the design of a new delivery schedule.
At the Casa Rosada they hope that the next flight from Moscow will arrive with a million doses.
More than double the February peak for Russian vaccines.
The Government is betting to vaccinate 14,500,000 people who are within risk groups before the beginning of winter.

In the last days of his administration, González García made a more specific projection on the vaccination schedule.
He assured that if the laboratories comply with the agreement, they hope to have the entire population over 18 years of age vaccinated between August and September.

In recent weeks the flag carrier began to condition a fleet aircraft to be able to bring up to one million doses.
This week will be the opportunity to use it, either with the Russian or Chinese vaccines.
Source: Infobae on Feb-21-21


I've been thinking about an earlier post on the people vaccinated still being capable of unwittingly carrying and transmitting the virus.
"- Should people who have already been vaccinated against COVID-19 continue to wear a mask and respect social distance?
Can they re-infect and infect someone even after they have been vaccinated?

"The answer is yes. You can get it and be asymptomatic; Even though the vaccine protected you from getting sick, it didn't protect you from getting it. So it is possible that you do not know that you were infected and transmit it to others ".
White House epidemiologist Anthony Fauci

I remember early on that scientists here had devised a home test kit for Covid-19. Where is it now?
If you're vaccinated and protected + you have the capability to home test for the virus
, then you can cut the uncertainty of being an asymptomatic carrier down at any time.
And if you're vaccinated and you can test yourself negative for the virus, life is suddenly wildly improved.
You're protected and you can know, day by day or anytime, that you're not going to infect someone else.


22 February 2021
Covid-19: The Government approved the purchase of 20 million cards to certify vaccination. The measure was announced through Resolution 7/2021, published this Monday in the Boletin Oficial.

After the vip vaccination scandal, which triggered the resignation of the former Minister of Health Ginés González García, the Gov't decided to carry out the purchase of 20 million cards to certify vaccination from now on and approved this decision. Through resolution 7/2021, which is signed by the new minister Carla Vizzotti, they detailed that two companies won the corresponding bids for a total amount of $30,940,000 pesos. In this way, they specified that those people who are given the vaccine against Covid-19 and are thus immunized, will be able to have a "personal and non-transferable" document that verifies the appropriate application scheme. The card will include information on the vaccinated person, such as their name, surname and DNI, but also what was the dose used and the center where the injection was performed.

The purchase of the same was requested by the Dirección de Control de Enfermedades Inmunoprevenibles, for bids to be submitted through the Electronic Contracting System "COMPR.AR", which submissions concluded on January 18. Out of a total of ten companies that were interested in the business, the entity recommended "the awarding of the offers to the firms Javier Hernán Pérez Romero (partially) and Gráfica Latina S.A. (partially), as being valid and convenient." The first of these companies was hired to acquire a total of 2 million certificates for an amount of $3,040,000 pesos, while the second would take over the supply of the remaining 18 million units in exchange for payment. of $27,900,000 pesos.

With the declared objective of minimizing the impact of the scandal around VIP vaccinations and continuing with the immunization program as the flag of the Govt's management in the middle of the electoral year, Vizzotti will present today to the chief of staff, Santiago Cafiero, different proposals for "monitoring and follow-up" of the distribution of vaccines, whose irregularities ended with the resignation of Ginés González García at the head of that ministry. At the same time, the ministry is already facing a "reorganization" of the area, which will include the removal of officials very close to the former minister, including some who were also vaccinated, bypassing the regulated schedule.


As an avid watcher of the La Nacion Dashboard on Covid infection data, dropping in to share this good news, which isn't directly about vaccinations but related.
Checking back to early January, in the time frame when the new infection rates in Argentina and particularly in CABA had been in decline and then suddenly started rocketing, with 7 day infection numbers for Palermo going to 550+ and Recoleta close behind in the near 500 range and other barrios in the 300's, the numbers, recently, in CABA have been in decline again.
Today the numbers in the chart below look to be 'crashing' from those highs of the past month or more.
Palermo never at less than 100 (ultimo 7 dias) until this morning. And CABA wide with 'only' 351 new infections yesterday.
Screen Shot 2021-02-22 at 10.51.40.png


Well, in brief, the crash of last Friday with the online registration of the ambulatory 80 year olds has been overcome and the online app for requesting turns has returned to active duty.

A full pallet of informative vaccine information is available from Pagina12.

The Buenos Aires Minister of Health, Fernán Quirós , offered a press conference where he asked " Serious apologies " for the website and phone line crashes on Friday. He announced that the Buenos Aires Government" will take charge "of calling the 50,000 people who could not obtain it. Vaccinations for over 80 year olds and the people in nursing homes is underway.
In the City of Buenos Aires, those responsible are in the position of parsing out the vaccinations based on what is available from the latest Sputnik V and the AstraZeneca (Covishield) from Russia and India respectively. 54,052 vaccines of the 78,300 received from component 1 of Sputnik V and 23,627 of the 39,300 received from component two have already been applied. The stage that began this Monday (today) is carried out with the 40,000 doses of AstraZeneca that arrived last week.
Source: Pagina 12
No word yet on the expected arrival this week of more Sputnik V vaccines and a first shipment of Sinopharm's vaccine from China. The arrival of those shipments are expected to drive completion of vaccinations through the 80 and overs, and then the next level of 70 to 79 year olds, or more, in CABA.

And then there is La Nacion and Infobae, where Maradona and Menem are still dead and apparently not longer prized fodder for publication.
Both news publications, which offered no information on vaccinating the public, vaccine supplies or other matters of real importance were completely absorbed feasting in every imaginable way the "scandal' of VIP vaccinations accredited to González García and "the brutal damage to the health plan" and more. And of course also highlighting the interior comforts of Alberto Fernandez's chartered plane to Mexico and the derogatory remarks from Bolsonaro on Alberto Fernandez.
"Kick 'em when they're up, kick 'em when they're down. Kick 'em all around. Dirty little secrets. Dirty little lies. We got our dirty little fingers in everybody's pies. We love to cut you down to size" Don Henley
Has Rupert Murdoch involved himself in ownership of some Argentina news outlets?
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....the government of Santa Fe continues with its planned vaccination program, since as of tomorrow it will enable a link in which citizens can register to request one shift. The arrival - yesterday - of another batch will allow to complete the inoculation to all the health workers, which add up to 70 thousand, to then start the vaccination in the 431 nursing homes in the province, which means the use of around 17 thousand vaccines (8 thousand for residents and 9 thousand for personnel who work in those places). Starting tomorrow, twenty cars with head in Rosario and 10 in the provincial capital will go out with their teams to vaccinate in the different nursing homes, The estimate made by the Ministry of Health is that throughout the week that starts some 80 nursing homes for the elderly will receive the first dose, and this will continue until the entire population is covered. Then, it will be the turn of adults over 80 years of age, who are more than 100,000 throughout the province, and that, if the reception of the 2 million doses of Covishield (Oxford / Astrazeneca) is finalized, its application could begin in the first days of March with a number for the province close to the population demand of that age group. From then on, and with the order of priority already known, the provincial government expects that the bulk of the vaccination plan for 1.2 million people, which is the estimated population to be immunized, will be completed in the fall.

"Ginés was key in the organization of the pandemic: trade, mettle, dedication 7x24. They will not find a single governor, Peronist or not, who does not recognize him and appreciate his work, it is a shame from where you look at it", A high-ranking source from the Santa Fe government told Rosario / 12 to refer to the untimely departure of the national minister after the "Vip vaccination" scandal.

From that point on, Governor Omar Perotti instructed his collaborators to redouble their efforts "to carry out the planned program in a transparent and efficient manner." which has as a condition the provision of vaccines that must arrive from the Nation. That was what delayed until tomorrow the enabling of the site where citizens can register to obtain the vaccination shift, strictly respecting the order of priority that is already known. To do this, you will have to enter the site of the province / ">, go to the coronavirus link and from there it will lead to a form that must be completed with the required data: name, surname, date of birth, address, and some other more. Although the opening of the site will not have restrictions, it will be recommended that those over 70 years old do so in this first stage. But as it is expected that there may be a flood of income, in order not to suffer the collapse of the page, precautions have been taken that they trust will be effective.
According to official records, in the province there are 700,000 adults over 60, potential recipients of the vaccine. To cover the entire provincial territory, 176 freezers have been distributed to allow the conservation of doses. Vaccinations will be enabled in 150 localities, even though the bulk of the applications will be made in Rosario, Santa Fe, Reconquista, Rafaela and Venado Tuerto.
The logistics of the Oxford vaccine - which requires 8 degrees below zero instead of -20 for Sputnik - will allow the distribution of doses to smaller populations that have the equipment to guarantee the cold chain. The 41,500 that arrived in the last hours will be distributed in 25 thousand in the Rosario area and the rest in the north center, with head in the city of Santa Fe. With this lot, the almost 10 thousand workers that remain of the equipment are completed. of health (they have already received their doses 61,800) and the rest will go to the program already described that begins with the geriatrics.
"We are going to work as before, with the responsibility of informing the population, as we receive the vaccines, which age groups we are going to be inoculating. That is why we wait until now to enable the site where shifts are recorded that will be granted by strict order of priority, "

Minister Sonia Martorano told Rosario / 12, who also lamented the departure of Ginés González, but preferred to focus" on the vaccination campaign, it is likely that now there are volleys against this , as there was when the vaccine came from Russia. Our work must continue as before, taking care of the population, and doing things as they should be done, "said the Minister.
The truth is that starting tomorrow the qualification of shifts for Santa Fe who want to receive the vaccine begins, and a new stage in the fight against the pandemic begins.


Argentina doing what it does best - cut corners, priority treatment all under the guise of "we care about the poor"... lol yer right


Buenos Aires City
Covid-19 vaccination - The Plan

The national, free and voluntary strategic vaccination plan will have different stages defined based on specific epidemiological criteria, such as exposure to the virus or the risk of serious illness due to it.

COVID-19 Vaccination Plan - Register for vaccination
(currently only accepting registrations for older adults)

Shifts will be enabled again for other age groups when a new shipment of the COVID-19 vaccine to the City is confirmed.
You can register by completing the form. You will then be contacted to assign you a new shift.
The national, free and voluntary strategic vaccination plan will have different stages defined based on specific epidemiological criteria, such as exposure to the virus or the risk of serious illness due to it.
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