Coworking spaces in BA


Dec 4, 2011
Hey there,

Has anyone had any experience with coworking joints in BA? I'm a roving computer programmer who's addicted to coworking.

This place comes up first in the google:

Any experience?

Thanks! Kevin
Regus has some space in Bouchard Plaza.
Bouchard and Viamonte.

only good if you are looking to be in a high rise with spectacular views.
If you want trendy, boutique -stay away from Regus.
Urban station is another place.
I'm not a great fan of co-working so I really couldn't give you an accurate opinion. It's ok. I think you can pay by the hour (as opposed to signing up for anything) so you could always check it out.
There's one in the centre and another one in Palermo Viejo (El salvador and Malabia)
Wow, thanks all! These are great options. Chico - yeah, I'm more of a boutique kinda guy. I'm also an evening worker so it sounds like UrbanStation might be just the ticket for me, though I'll definitely check out a few before picking one.

As an aside, I just wanted to say thanks for the high level of advice I've received on this forum (on all my posts so far). It's been extremely helpful and made me that much more excited for BA!