Craft Beer And Ginger Ale


Dec 6, 2014
Hello...I am wondering if anyone has any advice on where in Buenos Aires I can buy craft beer or ginger ale! Thank you

for beer.

Its pretty easy to make your own ginger ale.
There's a brand of ginger beer ("Cerveza de jengibre") called "Sasquatsh" that says: "Barrio - Palermo viejo" on the label. It can be bought in the Mercado Solidario Bonpland (Bonpland 1660). The label has the following email address on it: [email protected]
there is a ton of craft beer here these days- much more in the last few years. I can buy various small label product, often quite good, at most chinos and a lot of fiambre stores in my area.
I belong to this facebook group, too, which is cervezas artesanales argentinas. They will let you join, I am sure.
cool. i made a raspberry honey ale in college and it turned out great. Beer is alot easier to make than you might think.
I think i bought a $75 kit and made gallons of beer with it.
Is it good?

Yes! It's tasty ginger beer and the guy who makes it is really cool and even asked me (because I am British) for tips! I told him I didn't have any, but if anyone wants to talk ginger beer with him I found him working behind the cheese/ mushroom counter at the shop that sells it in the Mercado Solidario Bonpland - it's the first shop in the middle as you walk in.
Schweppes is now making Ginger Ale in Argentina!


Saw it in Jumbo and was shocked. It's no Canada Dry, but it's slightly better than Cunnington, and should be fine for Moscow Mules.You can also get it for a good deal via Coca Cola en Casa, about 50¢ a can.
My friends all love Strange Brewing for craft beer.
In addition to Schweppes, there's a local brand 'Pulpo Blanco' that makes ginger ale. You can often find it at stores that sell booze/beer. ba657e2b706850d22a6e7d23aaf2f677-2010749757.jpeg
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