Hi. I have a strange to me, question. I have a CUIL number and a DNI number. The DNI number is the same as the CUIL number except the CUIL has an extra number at the beginning and end of my what is my DNI number. I haven't applied for a CUIT number and none has been issued. The question is what do I need to do to obtain a CUIT number? It says on the government database that I am an "Inmigrante". The government website says I have a CUIL number registered or updated in ANSES. But it also says that I don't have a CUIT registered in AFIP. Do I just go to AFIP and ask them to give me a CUIT? CUIT, CUIL, DNI. So many different for me things to understand here. Any thoughts would be very much appreciated.
Your CUIT and CUIL are the same (eleven digit) number (with two numbers before and one number after your DNI number). All you have to do is go to the AFIP office closest to your domicile and ask to be inscripted (registered).

PS: As of now you are outside of the system (fuera la sistema), that's all.

PS2: I know this from personal experience.

PS3: Hopefully, you wont have t go to a "central office" because you are an inmigrante.
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....No it is more for opening a bank account. I don't plan on working as a contractor or being self-employed in Argentina. I do have some rental properties that when I set things up some years ago I had a local as my representative for tax purposes. Since I have a DNI and CUIL can I represent myself? If so do I have to have a CUIT number for the bank account that will receive the rent payments. At the moment the agent is collecting the rents for me.
To expand on the information previously posted:
The Unique Tax Identification Code (CUIT) is an 11 digit number (XX-XXXXXXXX-X). The first 2 digits are used to identify the type of person: physical (male or female) or legal. The second block corresponds to the DNI number of the natural person. The last number acts as a verifier and validator of the CUIT. This code is assigned by the AFIP, Administración Federal de Ingresos Públicos (Federal Administration of Public Revenue) to identify unequivocally all individuals, companies or entities that carry out any economic activity and are obligated to pay taxes in ARG.

If there is an individual who has CUIL and CUIT at the same time, the same number will be assigned. However, it will have a different meaning, because the contributions and control are carried out before different organizations. While the CUIT is used to govern activities before the AFIP, the CUIL is the labor identification code of ANSES, Administración Nacional de la Seguridad Social (
National Social Security Administration).

CUIT: personal and public data
The Tax Identification Code of natural persons is a personal data since it links the person with their tax identification. However, as established by the Argentine legislation regarding personal data, CUIT is a personal data that does not require the consent of its owner for its treatment. In turn, the CUIT is a data of public access since it is published by the AFIP through the Padron de Personas Fisicas y Juridicas (Register of Natural and Legal Persons).
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