How to get CUIT (or CUIL)?


Jul 12, 2008
Hello. I got married in March. My FBI report has taken over 4 months and I need it to begin my residency process. I need (and want) to work and am hoping there is someone out there who can just provide me with some invoices (must be a personal name - no business names) to do some freelance work (classes and translations) which I cannot do with certain companies unless I have them. They have said it's fine to use someone else's until I can get my own. I would pay, of course, for the invoices given to me in order to cover the tax cost. I know a few people who have been able to get their CUIT (or CUIL) number with just their passports and Certificado de Domicilio but that hasn't worked for me. Please send me a private message through the forum with your email address if you can help! Thank you very much!
No, you can't get your CUIL with a Certificado de Domicilio, you need your Residencia (Precaria or Permanente). The Certificado de Domicilio has no currency whatsoever - anyone can get one just by going to their local police station and paying 10 pesos!

But if you married a local you should get your Precaria automatically surely? And with that you can do just about anything. I don't understand what you need invoices for?
Look for threads on the topic by cassiem. She knows at which agency to do it.

Alzinho, official invoices are needed when you are an independent to bill your clients.
My thread subject line was changed by the forum. I know how to get a CUIT or CUIL. That is not my problem. I simply need invoices from someone because at the moment I am not able to continue with the tramites. Thank you.