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Sep 22, 2012
Friday, 16 January

Always a Bridesmaid[SaltShaker]
 Hear, mortals, the sacred cry:
“Freedom! Freedom! Freedom!”
Hear the noise of broken chains...

Broadway’s New Maria[Argentina's Travel Guide]
Director Arthur Laurents was looking for his Maria for the upcoming Broadway revival of “West Side Story.”* She needed to be Latina, a talented soprano, familiar with musical theater no...

Throwing Bones in Bariloche[micheleandtom.com]
Most people visit the beautiful lake district of Argentina for, well, the lakes and the mountains and all of that jazz.
Tom and I wonder why tourists focus on that nature stuff when they can go t...

Blue & Green[Buenos Aires Photographer]
Plaza Miserere. The sculpture is by Rogelio Yrurtia . I liked color combo with the entrance tiles and plants.

Thursday, 15 January

No entiendo![In search of Macondo]

Bs.As. girlpower[Yillabean]
(photo below: some graffiti art. taken in san telmo) (photo below: taken in palermo. there's one in recoleta too)

What Can Long-Term Travel Teach You? Pt. 2[Expedition Evan]
Ever been stuck in an airport on a trip, raging against the travel gods?* We’ve all been there; helpless and frustrated.* But after traveling for a while, you start to realize that these types ...

China Zorrilla in Once - II[Buenos Aires Photographer]
A few months ago I posted a scary photo of comedic actress China Zorrilla in the window of an appraisal shop in Once. It seems someone was listening because I walked by there a couple of days an...

Wednesday, 14 January
"Buenos Aires Playa": the beach in Buenos Aires[My Buenos Aires Travel Guide]
From January 16 to February 28, 2009 , the Government of the City of Buenos Aires presents "Buenos Aires Playa" (Buenos Aires Beach) , an oasis for those residents and visitors who have to spen...

A Typical Breakfast in Buenos Aires[Buenos Aires Tips]
Breakfast in Buenos Aires is light and relaxed. There’s no rush. Take your time. Read the paper — most cafes provide them. And best of all, enjoy excellent espresso-style coffee.

Electricity, Voltage, Outlets and Plugs in Argentina[Buenos Aires Tips]
Electricity in Argentina is 220 volts, 50 Hertz, AC.
In recent years Argentina has switched to Type I plugs and outlets. These are diagonal with flat prongs. The neutral and line wires are rever...

Renting a Cell Phone[Buenos Aires Tips]
If you need to rent a cell phone while visiting Buenos Aires here are a few of your options.
If you are renting an apartment from an agency, the agency may be able to set you up. For example, wh...

Tuesday, 13 January
Best Steak in Buenos Aires? Try Cabaña Las Lilas[Buenos Aires Tips]
I haven’t tried every steak restaurant in Buenos Aires (though I’d like to), but I doubt I’ll find a better steak than the one I had at Cabaña Las Lilas.
And not only is the fo...

2.5hrs & 5lbs[Yillabean]
this morning around 11am my doorbell buzzer rang. i picked up the phone for the intercom; it was the postman. i ran downstairs and signed for a slip of paper indicating that i had a package waiting...
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