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Sep 22, 2012
Tuesday, 20 January

Lookout Perito Moreno[micheleandtom.com]
I contemplated entitling this post, “best bathrooms at a national park…” Don’t worry, I won’t elaborate further!
The first portion of our visit to Southern Patagonia...

Monday, 19 January

photos: graffiti art[Yillabean]
Last night I went out to dinner with a friend. Before going to the restaurant we walked through the Plaza Serrano area.

Northern Mexican[SaltShaker]
 In the event of fire or earthquake, please wake your waiter.
- one of many signs tacked to the wall in this restaurant…
Vicente Lopez - Finishing up on the other day’s post ...

Sunday, 18 January

Blissful in Bs.As.[Yillabean]
I haven't written lately about how truly happy I am here. I didn't anticipate for things to go so well, I didn't anticipate meeting good friends so quickly and I also didn't anticipate on how much I w...

Saturday, 17 January

Beautiful Bucolic Bariloche[micheleandtom.com]
Rest assured, we did venture out of doors a few times during our trip to Bariloche!
We took a boat to the myrtle forest, which contains the cinnamon-colored trees in the picture below. Local leg...

Movies al Fresco[Buenos Aires through my eyes]
Every Saturday and Sunday at 9.30 PM till February 22 nd , you can go to the Rosedal of Palermo and enjoy a movie under the stars. You can watch the movie from your comfy car ( I hate you)...

Fiat 600 - White & Red[Buenos Aires Photographer - Big Photos of Buenos Aires]
The Fiat 600 is a cult car in Argentina [as I suppose it is in Europe too]. You'll often see models all tricked out or lovingly restored. The red interior on this one just blew me away.

Friday, 16 January

How Bad is Crime in Buenos Aires?[Buenos Aires Tips]
How bad is crime in Buenos Aires? The question is more difficult to answer than you might think.
On one hand, many people who have visited Buenos Aires will say things like “I walked every...

Take Buquebus to Uruguay[Buenos Aires Tips]
Buquebus (BOO-kay-boos) is the name of ferries that operate between Buenos Aires and Uruguay. A trip to Uruguay can be a fun day trip or weekend excursion.
Buquebus ferries run daily between Bue...
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