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Sep 22, 2012
Saturday, 24 January

I Am Sir Edmund Hillary[micheleandtom.com]
Tom and I put ourselves in the shoes (or crampons) of an adventurer and mini-trekked on Perito Moreno with Zoe (who just made the age limit by the skin of her teeth). In truth, our ice hike was n...

Friday, 23 January

Diseno Cartonero: Recycled Cardboard Eco-Furniture[inhabitat.com]
From incredible corrugated sculptures to eco-friendly furniture, we’re constantly amazed by inspired new uses for cardboard. ... creating objects of wonder, and the latest creations to catch our eye are the works of Argentina-based artist Santiago Morahan....

A Little Chinese[SaltShaker]
Everyone loves this recipe, which they know from Chinese restaurants as ma po tofu. It’s a versatile dish, which here is served over crispy rice. You could also serve it over noodles. Fo...

Thursday, 22 January

South America's Napa[As Belgrano Byrnes...]
Mendoza, Argentina is the darling of the wine world right now, thanks to its sublime wines, beauty, affordability and perhaps because of articles such as the ones I wrote this week in Newsweek In...

Done with Dakar[As Belgrano Byrnes...]
The Dakar Rally wrapped up here in Buenos Aires this past weekend. The balls-to-the-wall endurance race sent hundreds of cowboys roaring across the rugged landscapes of Argentina and Chile for tw...

No Hay Monedas [Por Dios!][Buenos Aires Photographer - Big Photos of Buenos Aires]
I would be remiss in my duties as an expat blogger living in Buenos Aires to not address the severe coin shortage afflicting the city. As has been recently covered in Slate , the Wall Street Jou...

Wednesday, 21 January

not so p.c. around these parts[Yillabean]
I can't stop laughing at how bad this sign is! My jaw dropped when I read it! oh nelly! It's pretty much says an "Obama special" is an American style coffee with a little dark bread sandwich. I...

working with a blindfold on[Yillabean]
When I arrived home this afternoon, around 4pm, the woman who I have been working for sent me an email asking me to teach FOUR students tomorrow morning! Sure sure, I want to work, but, jeeze lady......

San Telmo Fair[Buenos Aires Photographer - Big Photos of Buenos Aires]
Ciudad Baigon , a tango orchestra. Bernabé Ferreyra aka Carlos Lujan aka Gardelito . Tanguero, street performer and Carlos Gardel imitator. He's been doing this since 1972. ...

Palermo's streets- how they got their names[Trendy Palermo Viejo ]
Many foreign visitors keep asking me why there are so many streets named after Latin American countries in Palermo Viejo, so I did a little research and here are some facts...
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