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Sep 22, 2012
Wednesday, 18 March

Argentina: Xenophobia in the Football Stands[Global Voices]
Chants, songs, and signs can be directed at the opposing team and the opposing supporter groups. In some cases, these messages contain racist or xenophobic overtones, as it recently happened between a match between...

Tuesday, 17 March

Stop, Thief![micheleandtom.com]
I’ve witnessed my first robbery here in Buenos Aires. I was sitting at a cafe (inside) next to the windows overlooking the sidewalk tables on a street-corner in the neighborhood of Palermo...

Peru Fusion Day Two[SaltShaker]
The true portrait of a man is a fusion of what he thinks he is, what others think he is, what he really is and what he tries to be.” - Dore Schary, producer Buenos Aires - I was o...

La Plata[The Silver River]
Today I went to La Plata, I had been meaning to go for a while motivated by its reputation as the "most planned" city in Argentina.La Plata was created as the provincial capital when Buenos Aires was ...

Les Avant-Premières - French cinema film series[My Buenos Aires Travel Guide]
Les Avant-Premières , a French film series that will feature the best French movies to be premiered during 2009, will take place between Thursday, March 19th and Wednesday, March 25th , at the m...

Single in Buenos Aires[TangoSpam:La Vida Con Deby]
Being single isn't easy no matter where you live.* Everyone complains. Being single here is a trip.* Especially after being single for so long in California. San Francisco - The Bay Area has the hig...

The Latin way of showing public emotion[Ice Chatter]
I’d also notice the barely hidden hatred of the financial community by its population. There was nary a bank who didn’t have graffiti scrolled on its façade...

Escorts Suffer Unemployment In Buenos Aires[Escort Pages]
The demand for escort services in the capital of Argentina Buenos Aires went down 50 percent because of the world economic crisis...

Monday, 16 March

BA Independent Film Festival Starts March 25[The Argentine Post]
BAFICI (Buenos Aires Festival Internacional de Cine Independiente) has announced the line up for its 11th annual film festival, which begins on March 25 and runs through April 5.

Tom Grills, Argentina Style[micheleandtom.com]
Grillmaster Tom brings you this recap. Sunday is the traditional day for asado in Argentina. As parties go, this one has a pretty simple formula: start a fire, grill up a big pile of meat, ...

midget wanted[Yillabean]
another example of how political correctness doesn't exist below the equator... http://buenosaires.en.craigslist.org/fbh/1075669069.html. (this really made me laugh today) " Need a midget a...

BAFICI - 11th Buenos Aires International Festival of Independent Cinema[My Buenos Aires Travel Guide]
The eleventh edition of Buenos Aires Independent Film Festival (BAFICI) organized by the Ministry of Culture of the city of Buenos Aires, and directed by Sergio Wolf, will take place between March...

Argentine Floggers[The Silver River]
Recently I have started noticing the distinctive clothing and hairstyles of the young folk hanging around Abasto Mall. I now realise that I have been witness to a social phenomenon. Argentine youth so...

Daily Pic 104 : Remote Controls[The Silver River]
There are quite a few shops like this in Buenos Aires. This one was near Once.

Sunday, 15 March

car for sale[Yillabean]
I'm told that a water jug on the roof is more noticeable to both pedestrians and other drivers...

The Phantom of the Opera arrives in BA[The Argentimes]
Over the last few weeks, it has been difficult to miss the huge advertisements announcing the arrival of the “phantom” to Buenos Aires. Rather aptly, Teatro Opera on Corrientes has the honour of hosti...

An Irreverent Argentine Cumbia Opera[The Argentimes]
If the Pantheon of Greek gods includes Apollo, Hermes and Zeus, then the one of the Argentine street would be populated by contemporary archetypes like the cheta (snob),garca (hustler) and the milico ...
Daily Pics 103 : Trees[The Silver River]
Sorry about the quality, I took the pics with my phone.

Learn Spanish through Fruit[The Life Less Travelled]
Further to the last post about my trip to Uruguay, here are some photos from my first day in Montevideo.These were taken at the fresh food market just around the corner from apartment of my hosts.

Best Cities to Drink Coffee[WorldHum]
Read on for a shortlist of some of the world’s best cities for sitting and sipping. Buenos Aires is included, naturally...

In Argentina, a Camera and a Blog Make a Star [NY Times]
The past year has been a whirlwind for Ms. Vivero, known here simply as “Cumbio” for her love of cumbia music, a fusion of Latin pop, salsa and dance that is popular among Argentina’s lower classes...
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