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Sep 22, 2012
Monday, 10 November

The “Florida Factor” in Argentina[micheleandtom.com]
When I worked for an aerospace corporation in Fort Walton Beach, FL, there were many transplants from the NE United States working there. Said transplants were constantly complaining about how long ...

Creamfields Music Festival Rings in 10th Anniversary[Argentina's Travel Guide]
On Saturday night, an estimated 50,000 people attended this year’s Creamfields music festival. Originating in England in 1998,* the concert has quickly become one of the most important elec...

Three boxes, a concert, and a bowl of soup[TangoSpam:La Vida Con Deby]
I am on the bus.* The couple standing next to me appear to be tourists.* American tourists.* They don't understand why they got 10 centavos back.* You would think it was one of the great mysteries o...

Saturday, 08 November
Too much of a good thing?[The Flyvemaskine Diaries]
A couple of weeks ago, when we ate at 647 in San Telmo, we were blown away. Tremendous service, outstanding food, wonderful cocktails and sweet, creamy desserts totally made our night, and we...

On the Up and Up to Northern Argentina–First Stop: Tucumán[Argentina's Travel Guide]
About three weeks ago, I came to the conclusion that I had to leave the city. *It was beginning to suffocate me. *I chronically suffer from cabin fever, and this time, I craved endless land and...

Friday, 07 November
Navigating Cell Phones[micheleandtom.com]
Trying to obtain a cell phone here as a foreigner without a DNI (national ID number) is a bit farcical. (As you read this, remember, I was figuring all of this out with my imperfect Spanish.)

International Show Jumping Competition "Haras El Capricho"[My Buenos Aires Travel Guide]
The 10th International Show Jumping Competition CSIO-W Haras El Capricho will take place on November 13, 14, 15, 16, and November 21, 22, 23, 2008 , in the town of Capilla del Señor, province of B...

In Buenos Aires with Lovecock[Buenos Aires, City of Faded Elegance]
I enjoy reading travelogues about places all around the world, though there is a certain sameness to them all after a while. With Argentina’s bicentennial approaching in 2010, I decided to reac...

Cheap place for filming[Buenos Aires Daily]
The city of Buenos Aires requires $200 to shut down a street downtown and $1200 to close a public space for filming purposes. It makes BA therefore one of the cheapest city for shooting.
In Rome...

Stallman and Wales[Beatrice M's blog]
Stallman answering a question , originally uploaded by blmurch . Monday evening, Kragen and I walked down the street to Congreso and stood in a snaking long line to listen to Richard Stallma...

Thursday, 06 November

Argentine Senate approves 2009 budget[Associated Press]
The Argentine Senate on Wednesday approved a budget for 2009 that analysts say exaggerates economic growth, underreports inflation and doesn't account for $23 billion in private pension funds...

Argentines: Obama Win Is Good For The World[The Argentine Post]
As if your own*anecdotal*evidence weren’t enough, a new survey has just proven what most of us already know: the vast majority of Argentines think Barack Obama’s election is good fo...

Newspaper Kiosks To Be Closed Friday[The Argentine Post]
I had a dozen stories I wanted to write this week, but just didn’t have the time to post them here for you. My apologies. This is just a quick post to note that newspaper kiosks in Capita...

A house on Peru[Buenos Aires, City of Faded Elegance]
For a couple of years I’ve been intending to take a photo of this house on Peru street, just around the corner from where I live. Just wished I had taken the photo before they threw up the For...

Wednesday, 05 November

Museum Night 2008 - La Noche de los Museos[My Buenos Aires Travel Guide]
The Ministry of Culture of the City of Buenos Aires announced that the 5th Edition of La Noche de los Museos - Museum Night 2008 , will take place next November 15, 2008. Since 2004 one Saturday n...

Buenos Aires: The Poorest Resist "Social Cleansing"[Americas Policy Program]
The shantytowns of the Argentine capital are the site of an intense conflict between the city's government, presided over by businessman Mauricio Macri, and their inhabitants, the poorest and most marginalized who have been persecuted for decades.
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