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Sep 22, 2012
Monday, 17 November
Kirchner Foams Over Pension Fund Investment[The Argentine Post]
“They really looted and used the savings of retirees to invest it abroad…. I ask myself, ‘How can that kind of money management be defended?’ … But today, in an a...

Girls Just Wanna Be Barbie[Romancing Argentina]
Guess what’s new in Buenos Aires? The world’s first stand-alone Barbie store, Casa Barbie !! Yes, Argentine parents and even international tourists are chaperoning their little princesses...

Argentina: The Wrong Sense of Déjà vu[RGE Monitor]
A look at a broader range of economic variables shows that the Argentine economy is much healthier than during the dark days of 2001...

Argentina Budget Surplus Likely Rose on Tax Revenue[Bloomberg]
Argentina's budget surplus probably widened in September as tax revenue surged on exports of fuels and grains from South America's second-biggest economy. Argentine tax revenue rose 38 percent to 24.3 billion pesos ($7.3 billion) in October, the second-highest level ever....

Sixty River Plate supporters hijack city bus, bully driver in Argentina[The Canadian Press]
Sixty supporters of Argentina's River Plate football team were being held by police Monday after hijacking a bus and bullying its driver to speed up in a vain effort to make the start of a match, the second football related hijacking in less than a week.

Sunday, 16 November

Marcel Duchamp in Buenos Aires[My Buenos Aires Travel Guide]
Fundación Proa opens its new new building in La Boca with an exceptional exhibition: "Marcel Duchamp: una obra que no es una obra “de arte”, (Marcel Duchamp, a work that is not a work "of art")...

Expat Tech: Google Maps Coming to Argentina[Discover Buenos Aires]
As of Monday, November 17, 2008, that big blank space on the photo at the right should be a bit more filled in like our neighbors in Brazil.* That’s right, after a long wait, Google Map...

Ten Reasons to Love Buenos Aires[examiner.com]
As if you needed an excuse to visit this beautiful town with fantastic food, drink and shopping. Well I am happy to give you one anyway (or a baker's dozen). I adore Argentina and its chaotically divine capital holds a special place in my heart.

Saturday, 15 November

Guess How Much These Babies Cost?[micheleandtom.com]
Look out! Here’s another rare post from Tom… While prices in general have risen quite a bit in the past several years in Buenos Aires, food prices are still dramatically less t...

A Little o’ This, a Little o’ That[SaltShaker]
The effects on memory of the most pleasant dish, the first and last dishes, a rising vs. falling hedonic profile, and the time spent eating a dish were evaluated for similarity to effects seen...

Friday, 14 November

Cacho[A hundred faces of Argentina]
As some other shoe-shine men of Buenos Aires, Cacho is one of those permanent faces of the pedestrian and trendy Florida Street. Sitting on a small stool, he spends 12 hours a day polishing the business people shoes...

Drama Maradona[GoodAirs: More than a bad translation of "Buenos Aires"]
An interesting article/blog in the Guardian about Diego Maradona's dramtic turn as head coach of Argentina's fútbol squad (Who will he play? Will he quit? Can he coach?). My favorite bit:
In his own ...

Argentina and Vietnam Issue Stamp in Solidarity[Argentina's Travel Guide]
This year marks the 35th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Argentina and Vietnam. The two countries celebrated this friendship by creating two stamps, one with the Vietnamese lotus and the...

Pintada on Libertador[Buenos Aires Photographer]
Pintada Politica under the train tracks along Libertador & Dorrego. You can see that the message has been painted over many times. Certain high traffic spots attract the painters. La Pared Mutant...

Buenos Aires Mayor Looking to Leagalize Online Gambling[Argentina's Travel Guide]
Currently, laws prohibit online gambling , but Mayor Mauricio Macri is looking to change that for sports enthusiasts.* Greek company Intralot is the leader for the license, according to several repo...
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