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Sep 22, 2012
Friday, 10 October

Teatro Ciego a Treat for (Nearly) All Senses[Argentina's Travel Guide]
Teatro Ciego, or Blind Theater , is a performance group in that does show completely in the dark; about half of the actors in the show are blind, half are not. Lacking the sense of sight, the new ...

Free cultural activities during Spring in Buenos Aires[My Buenos Aires Travel Guide]
The Ministry of Culture of the city of Buenos Aires invites the public to participate in the over 250 free cultural and artistic activities of the program "Primavera Buenos Aires" (Buenos Aire...

Argentina mulls fund repatriation plan[Guardian]
Argentina is studying a plan to motivate people to repatriate off-shore funds and invest in businesses at home, and could also delay plans to resolve its outstanding defaulted debt...

Wednesday, 08 October

"It's an act of justice."[GoodAirs: More than a bad translation of "Buenos Aires"]
I was always half waiting for it to happen, and now it has. But wow is the timing weird. Today, Argentina announced that, like Brazil and Chile, it will start charging "reciprocal" fees to tourists fr...

Argentine Peso Dives to 5-1/2-yr Low[Discover Buenos Aires]
Reuters is reporting that the Argentine peso has shrunk to its lowest level against the dollar in 5 1/2 years. The peso slid 2.39 percent to 3.315/3.320 per U.S. dollar, its lowest point since ...

How safe is your city? Put it to the bicycle test[Reuters]
How long will an unchained bicycle last on a city street before someone steals it? Using hidden cameras and cheap bicycles as bait, an Argentine publicist ...

Tuesday, 07 October

Teenage Mutant Ninja Tango[La Nuit Blanche]

Monday, 06 October

Top 10 things to do in Buenos Aires[Buenos Aires, City of Faded Elegance]
Wow, a month has gone since I’ve last posted on this blog…a writing project has been keeping me away…it’s hard to keep up with all my projects - writing on this and that, whic...

Tigre, Argentina[The Wide Wide World]
City dwellers the world over have places where they escape, destinations that provide relief from the hectic pace of urban life. For portenos, Tigre is that kind of place...
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