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Sep 22, 2012
Monday, 13 October

Google: Argentine Officials Trying To Block Links[The Argentine Post]
“The Internet in Argentina is going through some hard times,” according to Pedro Less Andrade, and he should know. As director of Public Affairs In Latin America for Google, Andrade...

Hiphop-argentinefolkdance-gaucho-tapdance-fusiontango?[La Nuit Blanche]

Remember to Change Your Clocks[Discover Buenos Aires]
this post was updated to note that clocks are moved forward one hour, not backwards as originally stated.
“Spring forward, fall back.” - Yep, it’s that time of th...

Crisis Looms But Argentines Don’t Seem Worried[The Argentine Post]
A global financial crisis may be thrashing world markets, but Argentine consumers don’t seem too worried. They hit the malls en masse this weekend, casting aside any notion that a pessi...

More sweet things[The Silver River - A mini adventure in Buenos Aires]
This town is full of delightful surprises. I’m not sure if this a city wide phenomenon but standing on the side of the road (hailing a cab) this evening, I was almost knocked down by the pizza deliver...

Husband Are Available On Rent in Argentina[Yardloo.com]
Any woman can get a husband at an hourly rate in Buenos Aires, thanks to a company offering to do the repairs and installations that every home needs, and all “without problems in the bedroom”...

Argentina caught in Mexican meth trade[Los Angeles Times]
Facing a crackdown in Mexico, smugglers turn to Argentina as a base for importing ephedrine, which is turned into meth destined for the U.S. The trade has brought killings and intrigue...

Sunday, 12 October

Caroline McCain admits "having fallen in love with Bs. Aires" [MercoPress]
Caroline McCain the eldest grand daughter of US Republican presidential candidate John McCain, currently studying journalism in Buenos Aires, admits she has fallen in love with the city and said she would vote for Barack Obama if his rival was George W Bush...

Regional currencies: Remeber patacones?[The Ecology of Money]
The best example of the valuable role that multiple currencies can play comes from Argentina. For years, governments there...
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