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Sep 22, 2012
Monday, 19 October

Buenos Aires roofs[Buenos Aires Daily]
Buenos Aires and its roofs. Atilio took this picture around the Congreso. The area of the Congreso has a very beautiful architecture, from the Congreso to the Casa Rosada walking on the Avenida de Ma...

En route to Happy Tango[Sallycat's Adventures]
Last weekend the completed (and bloody brilliant) professional edit of my book* Happy Tango: Sallycat’s Guide to Dancing in Buenos Aires landed in my inbox all the way from Edinburgh, UK. Sin...

Reports Grow That Argentina Government Is Close To Debt Deal [WSJ]
Investors increasingly believe that Argentina's government is close to reopening its tender offer to buy back some $20 billion in face value of defaulted bonds.

Sunday, 18 October

Argentine Lunfardo Videos Are Back: “Mina”[The Argentine Post]
I’ve finally installed Final Cut Pro on my new laptop and am back in the saddle again, ready to shoot and edit new videos for your viewing pleasure.

Cumbia Villera CDs[Buenos Aires Photographer - Big Pics of BA]
This is a really crappy photo I took of some pirated CDs I picked up at Retiro and used in an Argentimes story on Cumbia Villera . It was a back-up in case we couldn't get any high resolution pho...

Tanguera takes New York by storm[the ticker]
The first ever tango musical, Tanguera, ran for 18 months in Buenos Aires, Argentina. It then moved on to impress audiences in...

Depeche Mode gives stunning concert in Buenos Aires[Momento 24]
Depeche Mode presentation at Personal Fest began a little weak but gained strength with each song to reach an intense climax.

Saturday, 17 October

Posada de la Laguna, A Review[micheleandtom.com]
Our home away from home was the lovely Posada de la Laguna , which is pictured here. For an all inclusive rate, we were given 2 excursions a day, breakfast, lunch, dinner, and tea. As if tha...

Daylight Saving Times Cancelled[The Argentimes]
The government has confirmed that clocks will not go forward by one hour at midnight on Sunday 18th October. President Kristina Fernández de Kirchner withdrew the plan at the last minute after the maj...

Preserving Patagonia[CNN]
CNN's Brian Byrnes reports on entrepreneur Doug Tompkins, a private landowner conserving wetlands in Argentina. (Video)

Friday, 16 October

Photo Essay: A Futbol Game[LandingPadBA]
Photo Essay: A Futbol Game. Click to start the slideshow. (Wait for the page to finish loading first)

Club 69[Buenos Aires Photographer - Big Pics of BA]
Photos from a recent story on Club 69's 11th anniversary published in The Argentimes. Club 69 currently takes place on Thursday nights at Club Niceto. Mor...

Thursday, 15 October

Argentina On its Way to the 2010 World Cup[The Argentimes]
Argentina finally made it to the South African World Cup 2010. After winning against Peru on Saturday (2-1) the Argentine team had to at least draw to get their ticket to Cape Town...

British Embassy Hosts ESU Singing Contest[The Argentimes]
Today, the British Embassy hosted the 12th Martin Gavie Trophy, a singing competition organised by the English Speaking Union (ESU). Seventeen schools were invited to the competition and each of them ...

A Stolen Laptop, And An Argentine Story of Hope[The Argentine Post]
A friend of mine wrote the following letter and sent it to the newspaper La Nación, which published it last week in its Letters to the Editor section. It’s a moving message of hope that I wanted to......

35th Derby General San Martin show jumping competition[My Buenos Aires Travel Guide]
On Saturday, October 17, 2009 , Club Aleman de Equitacion (German Riding Club) presents the Derby General San Martin, with the participation of national and international riders. The Derby Gener...

Wednesday, 14 October

Shaka: Surfing in Mar del Plata[The Argentimes]
Compared to its neighbouring countries, Argentina doesn’t have ideal natural conditions for surfing and it isn’t particularly popular here. Nonetheless, there are spots in the country where the sport ...

Clarín Versus Cristina: the Battle for the Airwaves[The Argentimes]
On 10th October, a vote of 44-22 in the Senate sealed the fate of president Cristina Fernández de Kirchner's controversial new media law. It took 16 hours of debate for the law to be passed without an...

A Guide to Bottom Shelf Booze in Buenos Aires[LandingPadBA]
A Guide to Bottom Shelf Booze in Buenos Aires. In this era of global economic crisis, everyone is in se...
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