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Sep 22, 2012
Wednesday, 01 October

Argentine Inflation Trivia[The Argentine Post]
The average annual inflation rate in Argentina between 1965 and 1989 was 284%, according to a 1992 research paper archived by the National Bureau of Economic Research. According to this paper by Nobel...

Poverty: Is It Getting Worse Or Better?[The Argentine Post]
Argentine President Cristina Fernandez often boasts that poverty has declined impressively in recent years, thanks largely to government economic policies. And nobody doubts that for many years povert...

My Top 10 Places to Stay in Argentina[A Texan in Argentina]
After a rather lengthy tour around Argentina, I thought it would be helpful to share the best hotels, inns and estancias I've come across. I've taken my lead from fellow Quaffer , BA expat and full...

Voting Day Party at the U.S. Embassy - October 8, 2008[Discover Buenos Aires]
The U.S. Embassy in Buenos Aires is hosting a Voting Day Party on October 8, 2008, for those:
Registered voters who miss the experience of going to the polling stations back home, you may cas...

Tuesday, 30 September

Outsourcing of Creative Work is to Argentina[Connaxis]
The abundance of creative talent, highly educated specialists, Western culture and low cost make Argentina ideal for the outsourcing of Web Design, Graphic Design, Flash, 3D Animation and development of Games and Video...

The Supremes - Tracks 3 & 7[SaltShaker]
In human life there is constant change of fortune; and it is unreasonable to expect an exemption from the common fate. Life itself decays, and all things are daily changing.”
- Plutarc...

Train Info for Buenos Aires to Mar del Plata[Argentina Travel Blog]
There is a daily train service that runs from Constitution Station in Buenos Aires to Mar del Plata. It is an interesting experience to say the least, but if you are seeking more convenience th...

Monday, 29 September
What to Expect at Ezeiza - Ministro Pistarini Airport[Argentina Travel Blog]
This article will explain what to expect if you are flying into Ezeiza airport regarding customs, your passport, security, and continuing transportation.
Firstly, there are 2 main terminals at...

Pucho & a beer[Buenos Aires Daily]
Pucho is the slang for cigarette. I took this picture about 4 years ago in a place called “The Shamrock”. Have great week to everyone :=)

Sunday, 28 September

Two simultaneous Guitar Festivals in Buenos Aires[My Buenos Aires Travel Guide]
The “XIV Festival de Guitarras del Mundo 2008” (14th Guitars of the World Festival 2008) , will take place from September 30 through October 12, 2008, with free entrance to the public . For the...

End of the Gravy Train?[GoodAirs: More than a bad translation of "Buenos Aires"]
You can taste the joy.
Recently, I've been worrying that the steaks I get in Buenos Aires restaurants isn't quite as good as it was when I first arrived. Less flavorful, "gooeyer", less fecund. I set ...

Argentinian printer unveils world's biggest printed digital image[PrintWeek]
Base3, the Argentina-based printer, has been commended by Guinness World Records for producing the world's biggest printed digital image....
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