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Sep 22, 2012
Monday, 27 October

The Beers of Buenos Aires: A Guide[The Sane Investor]
I decided to write this article to talk about the most common brands of beer in Buenos Aires, the way the public here seems to view them, and a range of prices that would be “acceptable” for beer here...

Sunday, 26 October

F1 burns rubber on Bs. Aires 9 de Julio Avenue[Mercopress]
Scottish Formula One driver David Coulthard raced his Red Bull yesterday on the 9 de Julio Avenue in front of 80,000 fans who attended the free show downtown ...

The Pledge[The Flyvemaskine Diaries]
In an (almost silly) attempt to not gain too much weight while we’re here in Buenos Aires, we made a pact to only have ice cream twice a week. I know that seems like a lot, but the ice cream is...

Argentina’s New Economic Reality[The Argentine Post]
On September 16th, in a speech at a high school in La Plata, Argentine President Cristina Fernández stood at the podium and indicated, in two long-winded but typical run-on sentences, that Argen...

About Little Saigon[Buenos Aires Daily]
I finally got to try authentic Vietnamese cuisine! To find out more, check out this posting: About A Little Saigon . What you see on this picture is the traditional Vietnamese soup, Pho Bo...

Saturday, 25 October

Buenos Aires Photo 2008[My Buenos Aires Travel Guide]
Starting October 29th, 2008 , the fourth edition of Buenos Aires Photo will take place at Palais de Glace in Recoleta. This is the only art fair specialized in Photography in Latin America. Thi...

The Best Restaurant in Buenos Aires?[The Flyvemaskine Diaries]
Today started out a little glum. As of tomorrow, Eric and I have been in Buenos Aires for 7 weeks, which signifies the half-way point of our trip here (although it still remains to be seen whether we...

Friday, 24 October

Expatriate with Kids[micheleandtom.com]
This stint in Argentina is my second foray spending an extended period of time overseas as an expatriate. The first time around, I was just out of college and spent four years overseas–three i...

“Iconos del Diseño” Exhibits Icons of Argentine and French Design[Argentina's Travel Guide]
The current exhibition “Iconos del Diseños/Francia-Argentina” seaks to illuminate the way in which every day objects that people take for granted are the product of thoughtful design . It asks its...

Expo Toons 2008 [My Buenos Aires Travel Guide]
The International Animation Festival Expotoons 2008 , will be celebrated on October 27 and 28, 2008, in the city of Buenos Aires, Argentina. The objective of the festival is to spread Animation as a...

Argentine Peso Drops to Almost Six-Year Low Amid Global Turmoil[Bloomberg]
Argentina's peso slid to the lowest since January 2003 and bonds tumbled amid global financial market turmoil and concern the country is trying to avert default by nationalizing private pension funds...

Exploding Debt Dynamics: Argentia and the U.S. Dollar's Fate[The Market Oracle]
Whither the dollar and gold? To answer that long-awaited inquiry – which will take some time to cover in full – let's start by getting a handle on “exploding debt dynamics.” Cartoonish as it sounds, it's a real term that IMF economists use.

Thursday, 23 October

BA Province Bans Smoking[The Argentine Post]
The Buenos Aires Province Legislature on Thursday passed a bill that bans smoking in many closed-door public places. It was not immediately clear when the ban will take effect. The ban makes an...

Cemetery[Buenos Aires Daily]
On the way back from Humahuaca, west of Jujuy Province, we stopped by this village and what you see on the picture is their cemetery, totally baked in the sun. It’s a strange and also inte...

Mini Garage Doors for Windows[micheleandtom.com]
Okay, perhaps these are not the most attractive exterior adornments for windows, but they work really well!
Click on the pictures below for a better look at the shutter systems that you find on ne...

On the trail of Jorge Luis Borges in Buenos Aires[Pravda]
... his world of myth and fantasy and magic and metaphysics has so influenced me in the past that since I am here in his city of Buenos Aires where I can feel Borges the man rather than only Borges the writer I have known from afar, I feel I have to record something about him in flesh and blood...

Wednesday, 22 October

Tommy Lee Jones To Open Mar del Plata Film Fest[The Argentine Post]
Actor Tommy Lee Jones will open the Mar del Plata Film Festival *next month, the state news agency Telam reported Wednesday. Jones, who once shared a Harvard college dorm room with form...
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