Date expired candies on tren's y subte's


Nov 7, 2008
Just watched a documentary on on the "out of date" stuff sold on tren's and subte by the roving vendors. They clip off the "best before date" or remove it w/ alcohol before selling....

So thats why my fav Milka chocolate bar is 5 pesos cheaper on the tren to Tigre...!!!:eek:
Best before dates are a joke anyway. A good cheese is almost always going to reach its peak well past any best before date given by the manufacturer/seller and the chocolate you are talking about won't noticeably deteriorate (apart from a harmless white bloom) for years. Jams. preserves and tinned good will keep forever (fsvo) and dried goods will keep provided they have been stored properly.

Right now, right here we are enjoying a traditional, English Christmas cake that I made in 2007 and have wrapped in greaseproof paper, stored in an airtight tin and "fed" with brandy from time to time. Christmas cakes take at least a year to mature and wedding cakes, made in a similar way will keep for ages too. The tradition in England used to be that one layer of a multi-tiered wedding cake would be held back and served at the christening of the couple's first-born child which would perhaps be many years later.

There is a discussion going on in government in the UK on a proposal to ban "best before" dates (retaining only "use by" dates) because far too much good food is being thrown away.

My advice? Use your common sense, not the dates printed on labels and if food is fit for use, use it..
Here in Arg. many products are sold w/out proper labeling inspection etc.
We routinely find spoiled foods in local groceries for sale, bread w/ mold etc...

Recently there have been several instance's of breads in bakeries adulterated w/
Potassium bromate...

Just a heads up for those who are new here....!:rolleyes:
Those of us born before 1960 used our eyes and noses.
Funny how we survived without the aid of BBE & sell by dates. Of course there is the old saying "eat a pinch of dirt" but you know when food is off, but some things will keep almost indefinitely.
I agree that many packaged foods last for much much longer than the "expiry" date.

But I do have a problem with fresh food being sold here long after it's expiry date when it's clearly "gone off". You can forget about getting a refund.
Haha, I've on several ocations bought minced meat from my local Coto with the production date set to the day after I bought it! Quite interesting to be able to buy tomorrow's food already today...
Anyway, I don't think you should rely too much on these dates anywhere in the world in general, and not in Argentina in particular!