Dentist recommendation


Apr 8, 2008
Does anyone have a dentist recommendation? It's not necessary but would be nice for the dentist to have some level of English. I don't mind having a go in Castellano but just in case I can't get my point across.

Also - anybody know what the cost of visiting a dentist is like around BsAs. I only have my travel insurance and would be paying for the service out-of-pocket.

Hi, I go to a very nice chap on Av. Santa Fe 3388, whose prices seem reasonable to me, though I can't really claim to have shopped around. His name is Gonzalo Heredia and he speaks very good English. His office number is 5778 1975. Brett
Dr. C. Fabrizzio Zaldivar Tejada
Yerbal 2553, Flores in Capital Federal
[email protected]

Excellent dentist and speaks almost perfect English. Doesn't over charge like many dentists here when they find out you're a foreigner.
We got this one from an expat who has lived here four years. He is great. Dr. Norman Darling, Uriburu 1054, Piso 10, 4827 3187
He speaks English and is located in Recoleta. Right next to his office is a parking garage so getting there couldn’t be easier.
What is "About normal" for a price for a simple cleaning?

I will need x-rays as well, but I'm wondering if a cleaning is ~AR$100 or ~US$100.


Also, do all the places above take credit cards?
A very good dentist is Norman R. Darling, D.D.S. He is an English speaking Odontologo, at Uriburu, 1054, suite 10F, Buenos Aires (off Sanata Fe Avenue), Recoleta. Telephone 4827-3187.

I'm from NYC. I've been here since May 28, 2008. Tell him Michael Zullo, recommended you.
Do you know if any of these doctors accept Medicus?

My dentist deals in cash only since I am American and do not have Argentine dental insurance.