dinner for expats?


Jun 21, 2006
hola, please lets organize another meeting just like the last month...who is incharge to make reservations at a restaurant? Igor? ...let me know.
Regarding the question "dinner for expats?": There is no such thing, foreigners are not allowed to eat in Argentina. Best of luck
I agree with Carli. The "salidas" are too far apart, if you can`t make it a given nite you have 9 weeks between 2 dinners. Tourists come and go and many simply can`t join us. I just missed YESBA last Thursday and now it`s another 5 weeks, and 3 more still till our next dinner, (a full 5 weeks after prior one). I propose this coming Bastille Day next Friday 14th, All in favor please reply here, with your suggestion on where to go. We can confirm place and time by Tuesday, and get the word back out. (Hope I`m not stepping on anybody`s toes here) Joe
For some of us next Friday is too soon (already have plans) How would the friday after that work (21st)/or thursday (20th)
I know several people who could make it on those dates...
that´s a great idea..lets have dinner on 21st then, who offers to make the reservations in a restaurant?
How about somewhere in Palermo for dinner on the 21st??
three options could be:
Sudestada - An asian restaurant at Guatemala 5602
Dashi Sushi Club - in Fitz Roy 1613 good for sushi
Green Bamboo- -Vietnamese rest. at Costa Rica 5802
Sounds like a great idea. I would like to join in. Only one thing to consider. Maybe we should try to pick a place that is not so popular that they will be trying to throw us out as soon as they see an empty plate. Green Bamboo, for example, has great food but it has been so busy that 3 out of the 4 times that I went there I couldn't get a table. They also have some wierd kind of reservation policy where you can't reserve a table after or before a certain time. It would be nice to be able to relax and enjoy the food and the company with no worries.
Sarkis sounds great. Once there we can choose a future venue between us. Mind you, no one is trying to "compete" or take people away from the official expat-dinners. I for one will go to both, as long as I can. There`s no intention to program 2 dinners in the same week.
Here go two more options: Sarkis | Thames 1101. Palermo. Tel. 4772-4911 | Cocina: Arabe , Divina Patagonia | Honduras 5710. Palermo. Tel. 4771-6864
We should choose a place as soon as possible as this thread will be temporarily hidden from tomorrow as to not prevent people from going to the usual dinner.
So lets make a decision today and write down in the agenda , Is that ok??
(I am just warning as the admin has told me)
Sarkis at Thames 1101 in Palermo would be my choice? I was told last time I was there the food was armenian, it is very good and not expensive... plenty of room for people inside, if we are early (say 8 oclock) we will have no problem finding a table for however many poeple we are.
Only a suggestion, of course. Anyone else??
Regarding the rendering invisible of this thread, I have the e-mail of about 15/20 people of this group so i can re-send them the invite by e-mail if they do not see it on the forum .... can others do the same with the people they know?