Do not bank with Santander Río!


Also a bad experience with Santander Rio - seems banks are behaving like thieves even more. Got approached by a rep trying to get me to open account - stipulated 24 months without fees. After 12 months suddenly 500 pesos gets deducted from account, happens again this month (2x so far). I call them and they tell me the no fee deal was only 12 months not 24 months. Have the paper that explicitly states 24 months - show my local branch. They say they will "try" to fix it and get fees refunded. In what moronic world is this behaviour acceptable to violate the terms of the agreement. In my opinion it constitutes theft - the issue is no lawyer is going to bother over 1000 pesos so whats the next course of action to get the money refunded/account closed?
Consumer's Defense.
Well, I guess, in your everyday life, you should not rely on instant international money transfers from some Estonian? British? company.
Made another transfer yesterday at 5 AM using Transferwise and the same type (funds from bank account). The funds were deposited to my Santander Rio account by the middle of the afternoon.

PS: As far as I know, there is no such thing as an "instant international money transfer" from anywhere in the world to Argentina, though same day service is pretty impressive.
I think you might be taking this a little too personal.

No one doubts the customer service you received at Santander Rio was atrocious. But I don't think you were being "shamed" because you're an "immigrant" from the USA (or wherever).

Customer service in Buenos Aires is terrible for everyone. Most employees are rude, unhelpful, and want you gone as quick as possible.


a) It's impossible to fire anyone in Argentina. Therefore there's no incentive to provide decent service.
b) Since service is so bad, Argentine customers tend to be very hostile. Employees are combative because they deal with angry people all day long. It's a vicious cycle. Go to any busy bank around lunch time. You'll see.

But if this was a very upsetting experience for you... then my advice would be to either a) get thicker skin, or b) leave Argentina.
Excellent post and spot on target.