Does anyone know the use of coconut oil in cosmetics


Feb 22, 2009
Hello everybody

I have heard coconut oil is really good for skin and hair but Iam not familiar at all with coconut oil, besides there must be essential and common coconut oil which I really don`t know but I would like to use it as a hydrating cream...if anyone can help me to clear this up ....thanks in advance
I have a friend in the States that uses the stuff... or it's a lotion with coconut oil. He swears by it. I've tried it once or twice... it leaves you smelling like a Mexican beach. (In a good way.) Other than that, I don't know if it's much better than anything else.
I love coconut oil for hair and skin. Check for its benefits and how to use. I just recently bought a bottle here at the farmacia and it does not have the Hawaiian Tropic smell. The Virgin Coconut Oil does have the taste and smell of coconut. It's just a matter of preference, especially when you use it for cooking.
Hello many thanks

In Dietètica Belgrano kind of health store they have coconut oil at 15 pesos the bottle Iam thinking of giving it a try but I don`t know if this is virgin oil or not, I like the smelling and it is relaxing to add to the shower!