Driver's Licence......???


SaraSara said:
I've been to the Av. Roca place, but prefer the small San Isidro office - "tramites" take less time there.
Do you know if it's still possible for someone with domicilo in the city of BA to go to the office in San Isidro? I had to get a certificado de dominion and change of address in my DNI before I could apply at a "smaller" provincial office.

French jurist

HowardinBA said:
I,ll ask again.Is it the same format for uk ex-pats with a uk licence?
Ask your consulate but there is no need for an international driver's license, at least it's how it works for french citizens and since we are from the EU, it should be the same.

I have been controlled by the police two or three times and even a basic policeman knew my french license was valid.

The good thing with (some ? many ? all?) EU DL is that they are valid without time limit (against 2 to 5 years for Arg DL ?)


In the UK you can get it from the AA or the post office. The AA is better as you (rather than a representative) need to be physically present at the post office otherwise they won't process the form.

Basically, email a friend in the UK with copies of the required documents and get them to make the application by post. The AA will post the license to you abroad - obviously with the risk of using the wonderful argentine postal system.

Argentina is listed as requiring an IDP to drive for UK license holders. If you don't need to go to Brazil, you just get the 1949 version of the permit, otherwise you need to buy the 1926 as well.