Driving a car out of the country


Apr 15, 2008
Hi folks, if this topic had already been discussed in detail, would someone please point me to the thread? I don't find it with the search engine.

Non-Mercosur expat friends who live in Mendoza and who are temporary residents with DNIs, mentioned having problems driving to Chile. They've been turned back at the border driving a car they own, with Argentine patentes, legal cedulas in their names, and an insurance certificate valid both in Argentina and Chile. They also say that there's no problem if they're accompanied by an Argentine national, even though the national is not an owner, doesn't have a cedula for the car, and isn't driving.

There also is a post at http://www.hostelcolonial.com.ar/hostel-Buenos-Aires/1324.htm complaining that Argentine customs blocked exit with a car to Chile because the owner didn't have a DNI.

Does anyone know the actual rules here? Or can you pass a link to the appropriate regulations? I'm planning some touring by car in the spring and would like to figure out the restrictions.
  • Are these restrictions real? And currently enforced?
  • Do they affect all foreign owners of cars of just those owners without permanent residency status (on their DNIs)?
  • Is there a rationale for the reported "resident passenger" rule? If so, is the [same] passenger required to be in the car on the return to Argentina? Could the resident be a citizen of another Mercosur country or must s/he be an Argentine national?
All leads on this topic are appreciated.