Driving maps of Argentina...


Feb 11, 2008
Looking to locate detailed driving maps of Argentina...looked at our neighborhood kiosko where we get the newspaper and he didn't have them...

Appreciate any suggestions...(zona norte please)
Librerias Turisticas (Paraguay 2457) have a good range

or many of the news stands on 9 Julio around Corrientes and on Florida have maps - one of the best is on Florida right near Bartolome Mitre. It stocks a range of provincial maps for Argentina.
I also suggest the guias YPF that have very detailed maps on top of all kinds of touristic info. They are a bit pricey but, in my opinion, one of the best in terms of reliability and quality
Leanuk...Thanks so much! Should have thought of that myself..remember we used to get maps as gas stations when I was a kid...in the states of course.

We have a YPF very nearby so walked over and got all we needed...yes they are a little spendy..but very nice maps, $25.00 pesos each...worth the convenience of not having to travel far to find them.
We purchased great road maps at the auto club of Argentina on Libertator
Glad to hear my idea worked. I am a great fun of detailed road maps and I have found that the YPF guides are unbeatable. Also, very nicely written. Enjoy your next trips!