E-commerce website designer needed


Dec 20, 2007

The company I am working for is looking to build an ecommerce site, probably using Prestashop or Magento (both open-source platforms).

At this stage it just needs to be fairly basic, and we are not looking for anything too flash.

Can anyone recommend somebody with patience (we dont know too much about ecommerce) who has experience in this area?

Hey Marco,

If you don't know much about e-commerce, have you thought about an turn-key solution, like www.bigcartel.com? The reason I ask this is that e-commerce sites tend to become quite expensive when you hire a developer to build something custom whereas a system like BigCartel will get you into the e-commerce market in a matter of minutes, cheaply, so that you are able to gauge whether e-commerce is even for you (often it's not, this will save big money).

I always recommend a client tries a setup like that before going all out with something custom. You can always start over if it's extremely successful and you'd like more control over everything.
Let people bid for your project using elance.com.

I just finished a project using that site. It was quick, painless and secure. (They handle escrow without any fees).

If you want, PM me and I can connect you with the company that just built my site. They are very attentive and produce good, clean code.

I can build you a simple ecommerce site using Wordpress (IMO a Wordpress site with a decent cart plugin is as good as Magento for simple ecommerce). It's what I do for a living, whilst travelling the world (currently in BA - :D). I know what I'm doing, come from an SEO background, so it will be very search engine friendly and I don't charge as much as an agency as I have no overheads.

If you're interested I can PM you all my details, portfolio, skills, experience, credentials, references etc. If not, then no worries...
Hi Marco
I agree that an off-the-shelf e-commerce package is probably going to work best for you. I use JShop which needs no plug-ins and has a huge range of features - it's the full package ready to use, and also comes with all the source code so you can easily have it customised if you need anything more than it already offers down the line.

I provide a non-expensive service configuring JShop for first time users. Y ademas hablo un poco el espanol :)

Pathway UK
Cheers everyone for the quick replies. Ill need to mull over the advice for a day or two...