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Thanks Igor, but wait one minute, please.
I don't recall any name calling.
Many threads go off topic. You know that.
I've reported posts to admin before and nothing was done. You did nothing about the GWB thread when racism was cited.
I don't need to be told how to start a new thread either. It's not exactly rocket science.
Seems like double standards to me........
"igor" said:
I'd like to know why this topic has been locked and various posts removed.

People started calling names. Two posts were reported to admin. Messages in the thread had nothing to do with the original topic.
When people reply to each other it is difficult to take a single message out, because all of them are related and there are quotes here and there.
So the thread was unwound to a place where it is possible to make a logical stop and locked.

Please learn how to start a new thread. I can fork a single message into a new thread, but can not just split a thread in half.


Marc, let me please say this..just because you did not see the name calling does not mean it was not posted. You just did not see it because someone reported it and the response with the name calling was deleted and thus the thread locked. I saw it and I know the name...came after WynnsWoods last comment.
Igor is usually very good and vigilant and may I dare say tolerant about us..kids in here but sometimes...it goes over the line and the post that was taken out...believe you me...it went over the line.
I hope as much as we are not all perfect here and our posts are "personal" sometimes - going over the line is at other people's expense and again...the deleted response after WynnsWoods, no one really needed to see...was not helpful or insightful...just bad.


I appreciate your comments, I really do. Maybe I'm blind or something, because I simply can't remember the offensive post in question. It could have been the one directed at WynnsWoods after one of his posts, defending his position. Yes, that could be the one.
For my part, I feel that I have made my point about this locking business, but not nearly as succinctly as WW in his post of 5.29 today. He makes some fair points that need answering.
Either that or we just throw our toys out of the pram.
I think the bar is open now...............................................


Dear Friends,
this site is subject to very selective censorship. Probably the fact that one of our adminisrators can not quite belive he has left Russia.
I was attacked in a completely vile and vicious manner a couple of months ago on the chat. This person signed in as Anon. It was witnessed by at least 8 individuals. I saved all the content and only at the last moment when I wrote , well thats good because I have copied the entire conversation and am now going to fax it to the senior administrator in the morning. Within 15 seconds Igor ca,e on line saying "well I suppose that person is banned". I demanded to know who it was and he never ever responded. He said it was uninportant. Well how do we know if the culprit was banned if he was not unmasked and the two individual I suspected are still here happy bunnies. I suggested that the fairest thing was to reveal the name, if that person was in fact banned there it would prevent further suspicion of crabby individuals that I frequently clash with but who in fact may be innocent. I WAS COMPLETELY IGNORED. I then sent at least three posts to Igor, ALL IGNORED TO HIS DAY. ...........so much for Glasnost!
Please watch to see how long this post stays here before deletion!


I have known Igor for two years now and have never met a more fair person in Buenos Aires. The comment about Russia was below the belt Imho.
Of all the sites in Buenos Aires this is by far the most open.


Dear Pericles,
what has your comment got to do with fairness? if your point is valid (forget the below the belt remarks after all I have had many undefended such blows and worse) why have all my questions in private notes to Igor and to the administration being ignored for over a month?
Also why was the "banned" person never revealed?
Thats because I dont belive that individual was banned!
give me evidence or at least an explanation to the contrary then maybe members like myself may have a renewed trust in the "fairness" of the said administrators/moderators.
I belive that you are also involved with the site Pericles, do you have a view? or are you also on a brief?


"auntieapple" said:
Probably the fact that one of our adminisrators can not quite belive he has left Russia.
...so much for Glasnost!
Actually, I am pretty comfortable with my origins. So I do not take it as an insult.

I am also pretty sure that Glasnost has nothing to do with releasing personal information about site users.

Now we can talk about Sputnik and Perestroika :)


Oh and BTW, just for the record. Last year, somebody on this site witnessed blatant libellous attacks on my self which were permitted continuosly for a period of time by the "fair" administration. It was only after a couple of "legal" calls that the person who made these libellous attacks was "reprimanded". I was reprimanded also out of "fairness", even though I was the victim of totally unprovoked attacks while discussing "womens stuff" on the women's forum. The person that made those libellous remarks about me on this site is still here and continues to insult other members yet you tell me my insinuation about Ignor thinking he is still subject to Russian law is "below the belt"! Grow up and Pericles and stop being a sidekick for the admin. Where is the administration to defend its reputation?

After my comments last year about the way this site is monitored and afterI was going to leave in protest, Igor suggested I set up my own Site. That was a red rag to a bull so then I decided I was staying here while I was still welcome and had no intention of running for the woods. So, if one has opinions here its suggested one needs one's own site. Yet this site is crawling with trolls and the admin just allow them to rot the decent discourse and debate that so many of us enjoy. Even one of my sparring partners Tatanbas was shocked at the revolting attacks in August and immediately not only jumped to my defense, he told me that he had nothing to do with the disgusting events. Tatanbs is one of the many opinionated people I have spats with and we have had several. But your admin does not quite have the intuition or the strength to diferentiate and weed out what is healthy fun heated debate and vicious nasty personal attcks that have nothing to do with the arguments.
I have always been the first to congratulate Igor when I have seen him at dinners ,Igor is quite charming and of course we enjoy BAexpats. But monitors need to be not only fair but STRONG in their fairness. I think its called having " huevos" .That it not a role for the weakhearted!


Well igor, surprise, surprise its the first response I have had from you as a site adminitrator for six weeks! What took you so long. Also what has been keeping you after all the posts you have ignored Igor?
With regard to banning a person with a nick name and letting us know is not revealing "personal Information". You know very well that the ANON was a member here or something more sinister.who was hiding behind ANON. You can only ban someone if you know who it is and you know that the individual is still using the site. Yet why have you never banned Granadaiscood and Elpanada when they are always the same individuals that attack I have had many kind notes from members saying they enjoy my participation and I have never gone out of my way to be vicious yet many people have complained about the same two individual since i was here two years ago. and then you censore perfectly reasonable posts from intelligent members because the trolls dont like it!
Whats the score then Igor? and why did I never gete a post from you?
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