Mar 30, 2006
Hello, I'm a 26 year old guy, into house music. techno music.. musicI am arriving in Buenos aires in May, somehow I managed to persuade my employer to let me work remotely (web stuff) so there is no real time limit aside from staying on the right side of immigration laws and not. getting. bored. Right at the moment I am a little freaked out, I know I want the experience of a different country, and I know I will be able to survive, but my initial excitement in terms of arriving in a different continent with no Spanish has now subsided into being shit scared. I'd love to prepare my ground a little by making contact with nice, intelligent and enthusiastic people in Buenos Aires to have a laugh with, so please, if you fit the bill give me a shout!
Hi Elpanada, thank you very much for replying (and for your help on the question I posted about laptops) I'm not actually in Argentina yet - am due in on the 3rd May, but I will drop you an email, would be great to hook up for a drink or something? Thanks again, Dan