English/Spanish/French/Dutch speaker looking for employment information


Nov 21, 2006
My names Jerome, and I'm a first year college student in Calgary, Alberta. Because of the lack of "community" up here in the Northern Hemisphere (i still don't know my own neighbours after 5 years..) I have decided to relocate to a more socially healthy area of the world. However, I have a few concerns pertaining to employment and education...
About finding a job... Would it be possible to support myself while working down in Argentina? I have no post-secondary certification as of yet, however I do speak English, Spanish, Dutch, and French. If this does not meet most requirements for a decent paying job then I would definately consider getting a some kind of certificate or diploma before moving. (Purchasing, Supply Chain Management, Human Resourses etc...)
About education... I have been in contact with several people from the Universidad del Salvador about the posibility of studying down there. Of course they assured me that it was no problem at all. If anyone has any experience going to school down there and/or working, please let me know if it is feasible to do both.
I would very much appreciate any feedback,
Matthew Jerome VanHuigenbos
Hi Jerome,
Personally I think the toughest part in getting a stable decent job to cover your costs while studying at uni here will be your visa-status.... (not the languages or certificates)
If you come as a tourist or with a student visa you dont have "legal" permission to work (although many people do) what it means you will not be able to work "in white" but will work being payed under the table..... expats doing this are mostly working as english teachers, in call-centers, (It or software support), or such. They arent´necessarily paid very well..... they work hard... some complement earnings with their savings.....
others are working remotely for companies or clients they had back home and are being paid in hard currency and are not doing so bad....
Am sure others on the list can correct me but I believe between the alternatives to emigrate are a rentist visa (living of an income abroad) a pensioners visa or an investor´s visa?? The other alternative is marrying a local.
Might it be a better idea to finish your degree in Canada and then see?