English speaking doctor required


Jan 15, 2010
Can anybody please give me the details of an English speaking doctor in BA, preferably in the Palermo Soho area? Also, whilst doing searches for doctors it appears that they all work in hospitals. Is it the case that I will need to go to a hospital to see a doctor or do GP surgeries exist over here?

Thanks in advance.
What kind of doctor? What is your budget? Office visits are around three hundred pesos.
Going to the German Hospital is basically like going to a GP Surgery, at least similar to how the system works in Ireland and the UK. You go in, tell them what type of Doctor you want, pay 100 pesos, and make sure you request someone who speaks English. Its pretty easy. Puerrydon y Beruti...more or less, I think thats one block off
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The Hospital Aleman is foreigner-friendly. I had dental work done there and found it to be efficient and well run. Most services are adequate. However, for a REALLY top specialist, it is not the best place. For instance, the Hospital Italiano is the best one for orthopaedics and traumatology.

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Dr. Juan Hernán Magnasco - General Medicine - Tel. 4783-3803 or 4801-4962 /1237 - Address: Callao 1490, Apt 1

Marcelo El Bis - Doctor (makes house calls) - Tel. 4377-1008 or 15 4180-8620 (not sure how good his English is. please call and check.

Dr. Alexis Turjanski - Médico Clínico - Av. Pueyrredón 1486 (works at Swiss Medical. Speaks good English)

You can also contact Paula Galano (she works with a lot of doctors, especially for aesthetic / dental treatments, but also bilingual doctors in general.) [email protected]

I hope this helps!
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SaraSara said:
What kind of doctor? What is your budget? Office visits are around three hundred pesos.

A medical doctor is the type I require, and I have no idea about budget. I am covered by US healthcare insurance.
If you don't have an Argentine medical plan than you pay cash.....or you use the public hospitals.
I have Osde insurance. When I signed up, I received a book of all the doctors- organized by type of doctor. All of the doctors listed have addresses, phone numbers, and languages spoken. It is quite possibly the greatest thing ever. I would highly recommend trying to get your hands on one by scoping out some insurance plans.
I am an American doctor living in Palermo. I'm not credentialed here but am a board-certified Internal Medicine doctor in the U.S. Please let me know if I can be of any assistance.

Jeff King
[email protected]
cell: 15-3257-8618