entry into argentina


Jan 7, 2009
Hi everyone,

Does anybody know how likely it is that I will have problems entering Argentina by air if I only have a oneway ticket.....? I was thinking of maybe booking a ticket for the boat to Uruguay for 3 months after my arrival, so to have something to show them in case of problems....But any advice will be welcome.


I think it depends on the airline. I had a friend be refused boarding by american airlines because he had a one way ticket. Just fell unlucky to an officious and ignorant air steward. Eventually he managed to find someone with enough authority to pull rank and he got on the flight, but I'd check with your airline first to be safe. There shouldn't be a problem, but thats little comfort if you get rejected at the airport.

Airlines aren't in the business of handling immigration issues. The place you'd encounter problems is on arrival in BA. But there is no way they are going to ask for proof that you have a RT ticket. Although, from experience, theRT ticket is almost always cheaper anyway. Why wouldn't you buy the RT ticket?
I was warned when purchasing tickets so I booked a one way ticket with an onward fare to Santiago to be safe - I was questioned about this at check in and they wanted to know where I was going beyond Chile. As I had no ticket I told them I was going on a long overland trip from there. They let me through eventually but it took some talking. If there isn't much difference between the one way and return just spend the extra dollars and play it safe.
I purchased a one-way ticket as well... arriving in a few days. I, too, was curious as to whether there would be a problem by purchasing a one-way, as I heard of the possibility that I may be rejected. After some research, my worries were quelled after I personally called the airlines and spoke to a few people. Supposedly, an airline can't sell you a one-way if they are aware that having a one-way would get you rejected from the country (let's hope that each airline knows....). I'm not worried about it. And as most people have said, it's rare and unlikely that you'll be turned back once you get to BA.
And as most people have said, it's rare and unlikely that you'll be turned back once you get to BA.
No, the danger is being questioned and turned back by the airline at your port of embarkation.
I see... but I spoke to the airlines before I purchased the ticket and they said no problem. I asked about leaving for and arriving to your destination (BA).
You should be fine then but the case could be different for other people. It depends on your country of embarkation, the airline, who you get at check in - many things, I think some airlines have it in their books that Argentina requires proof of onward passage on arrival and so continue to make these demands on travellers. I've never had this asked of me in Argentina and have never heard of it happening to others either but its of little use if you're arguing this with an airline employee in your own country.
My partner and I had no problems flying with one-way tickets last September on (the then recently nationalized) Aerolineas from Madrid. He's Paraguayan. I'm from the US. The ladies at the ticket sales counter debated on whether or not to sell us the one-way, but the check-in crew didn't give us a second glance. However, Air Comet refused to sell us one-way tickets without Argentine documents. I think like Moxon mentions so much of it is the luck of the draw.