Expat drinks night/meetup?


Dec 29, 2007
When is the next meetup or drinks night for expats? I'm arriving in BA April 15, and would like to meet some people....
I'm 28/m, and moving to BA from New York.
I just made the move from NYC two weeks ago. I'm living in Palermo Soho and I plan to be here for about a year as well. I'm a newcomer myself but I'd be happy to try and answer any questions you may have.
Wow. Not to sound like a broken record, but I'm doing the same thing. Catman, Manhattan, either of you feel free to drop me a note and I'm more than happy to meet up. I'm staying in Palermo Soho for a little more than a week, and then I'm moving down to San Telmo.
Hey -I'm currently in Caballito but will be moving back to Palermo next week. I'm only here for another 2 weeks before I'm headed back to NY :( I can meet up in the evenings...after tango classes which I'm currently taking, in addition to spanish!
=) Belinda
Hola chicos... I am living in Soho Palermo.... would be interested in meeting up with some people as well. Just cam here from Miami. Hit me up if there is any outings planned. Gracias!
Perfect. Let's plan something one night later this week (I think Catman arrives on Tuesday) in Palermo Soho. Is there a place people like?
Hey all,
I'm over in Palermo Soho myself...went to Mundo Bizarro (Serrano between Niceto Vega and Cordoba) last night for a few good (although pricey) mojitos...really liked the atmosphere there. There's also a place called 878 at Thames 878 that is a lot of fun...outside it's just a door with the address, but inside it's very speak-easy-ish. There's also Congo on Honduras between Godoy Cruz and the train tracks...it's always fun there.
Please keep me posted. If anyone is interested in getting together as soon as tonight, send me an e-mail at [email protected]

hey all - i just moved here as well. would love to meet some other expats. i am 25 and lived in madrid for the last 2 years but am originally from Connecticut. let's set a date. maybe after the 15th when Catman has arrived? :)
Hey there, I am also new to BaAs, I just arrived from Washington, DC and am living in Palermo. If you guys decide on a time and place, let me know. I'd be thrilled to meet more expats.
Cheers, Elizabeth
I have been here on and off now for two years. I am from Manhattan as well and would look forward to meeting some other people. The only place I really know of in Palermo Soho is an Irish pub called Sullivans. I usually prefer San Telmo. Places like the Red Door and Guevara's - named after the actress not Che. [email protected]