Expat drinks night/meetup?


I was thinking of going to Gueveras in San Telmo. It is on Humerbto Primo near Bolivar. It is right next to Mitos near Plaza Dorrego. My girlfriends cell number is 4096-4089. (I don't have a number here) Her name is Laura. She speaks English and Spanish. You can also email me at greg@gregbrophy.com I have a blackberry that I can get messages on. I imagine around 12 or 1 we should be there. Their is also another nice bar around the corner on Bolivar called Red Door that we may end up at as well. Thanks,Greg


Hey All. I posted on this site before I left the US but have finally arrived. I am 27 years old traveling with my boyfriend of the same age. We're currently living in Palermo Viejo. We've only been here for one day but are anxious to get out and cocktail with any expats we can find. Anyone interested in meeting up this weekend or next? Is anyone going to the dinner on May 1st? My email is stephanieshack@gmail.com We'll be in BA for 2 months. If anyone knows of a good place to meet up let's do it. Hope Argentina is treating everyone well.



Hey Stephanie
yes, i am going to the dinner :)
do you guys want to get together in palermo tomorrow? there is a bar on calle Armenia 1676 called Bar 6.
Do people want to meet there at 8, have a drink or bite to eat, then go from there?


Hey guys! A few of us are trying to go to the Boca game tomorrow (Wed). Anyone interested? So far there are 3 of us, but I think the more people, the better. Email me if you're interested and we'll get the details ironed out. stephanieshack@gmail.com.

Also, Kat and I were thinking about getting a group together for drinks in Palermo on Friday night. Maybe a 9pm (early) meet up then see where the night may take us. Bar6 is a pretty cool place in Palermo. The atmosphere is chat-friendly and perfect for a starting point. Let me know who's interested.


Do i need to say im in for the drinkin lol?
Looking forward to this game tomorrow, should be good craic..............


so long as I do not have to go out to San Isidro - I am down - i literally live around the corner from bar 6 - by far my favorite dining place here - just need to go easy on the salt a bit :)

BTW - how will we identify each other - do we have to wear neon pink beanies or should I just start screaming profanities in english ;)


yeah, I´d love to go too. BTW, neon pink doesn´t suit me, I am a red hair, but I agree with Michaelc. Post the details pls. Looking forward to meeting with you.



hi guys, there is this bar on Ayacucho between arenales and juncal, its called the Spot and isa great hangout for all sorts of crowds. Its only a small joint, no food, no coffee, but a kick ass bar all the same and usually hang out there. lets organise a big night on a Thursday maybe, before the weekend crowd kicks in. Any takers? I know some SPanish schools bring their students there cos its cheap for the area. better than most other places around. let me know if there are any takers and Ill get a drinks deal easily.